Fat tax on fizzy drinks and milk edges ever nearer

22 December 2011

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  • LD
    Milk??? Surely essential part of a balanced diet? The Government used to give it away when a was a kid, until 'Thatcher the Snatcher'
  • MrRobin
    Who the hell drinks full-fat milk anyway?? It's rank!
  • RAEIoaerhoi
    Not full-fat milk. Fatty.
  • Sawyer
    The worrying thing is - that while sugary drinks are undoubtedly fattening - in overall health terms they're probably no worse than the sugarfree crap with aspartame/saccharin. Nothing wrong with full-fat milk either. Everything in moderation, people.
  • Dan
    Can we not just have a lard-ass cull?
  • Pizza A.
    Can't stand full fat milk myself, but can't babies only drink full fat milk????
  • Arse L.
    Nanny State gone mad. Next it will be booze, and then they will be closing down social networks at times of "national importance". What next, a 3% tax rise on everyone to pay for pensions..............
  • Mike H.
    Why not just tax people based on their weight? Fat cunts will be forced to lose weight then
  • Sicknote
    @MrRobin The only person I know who has full fat milk is Mrs Slocombe, "...my pussy laps it up" she would exclaim. But seriously I think Conky Cola & Pepsit should have a 500% tax added, then only us wealthy lot can enjoy the sugary highs and lows
  • klingelton
    it makes no sense to increase taxes at a time of economic crisis and put jobs at risk. This new tax is assured. commence stock piling.
  • heywood j.
    Wait a minute. Why exactgly do they want us to be healthy and live longer ? We can't pay peoples pensions now due to living longer, we have lost billions in tax from cigarettes and millions of pubs/clubs shut down due to rate and tax increases and non-smoking rules. Plus, we were ALL given milk through our first years of primary school and not ONE child at my school was overweight out of hundreds. But, thats because we exercised all day at school in the playground, played football after school, rode our bikes everywhere, and walked the streets to find our friends. Forced exercise is what's needed.
  • Brian's U.
    I wouldn't mind eating healthier, however food prices have shot up so much now that the fast food option is much cheaper than fresh food. Chicken and chips for £3. What fresh food can you get for £3? Some cucumber and carrots? No wonder people are eating more fast food, it's cheaper and with the economy screwing us so badly can you blame them? This fat tax will only hit those on low incomes the hardest.
  • Kevin N.
    Shame there is not a wanker tax or would it effect politicians too much?
  • MrRobin
    @Brian's Uncle The tax on fatty foods should be used to subsidise the cost of healthy foods
  • MrRobin
    @heywood I agree with much of what you say but tax receipts from tobacco duties have actually increased steadily over the last 10 years... http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/stats/tax_receipts/tax-receipts-and-taxpayers.pdf
  • Tom
    @Pizza D Action Babies can only drink human milk, and you can't tax that! This is a great idea. It should be clear that the cheapest way to live isn't to eat sugary crap. That means either subsidising normal food or taxing the crappy processed food (or both). Plus, there are moral issues with the terrible working conditions of sugar farmers but fresh foods are generally much better. I'm not sure why full-fat milk would be taxed, that sends out a confusing message if you ask me. Hydrogenated fats are really bad, any other fats are generally fine.
  • Alexis
    I thought full fat milk contained much higher levels of vitamin D and that a lot of the fat isn't absorbed because it binds with the calcium in the intestines?
  • comecon
    Full fat milk is much nicer - nice creamy taste. Everything with full fat, full sugar and normal amounts of salt - no diet, reduced or 'lite' crap tastes much better. The government should be encouraging kids to drink milk rather than the fizzy drinks, not taxing whole milk too! Guess I shall be buying semi skimmed and mixing it with double cream. They used to feed skimmed milk to the pigs as it wasn't 'fit for human consumption'. How things have changed - they truly were better times without our Nanny Government mollycuddling us!
  • Businessman
    I like the gold-top Jersey milk and I'm not that fat. Most people in the Western world who are obese are because they consume too many simple carbohydrates not because of fats and oils. (Translation: fatty things are not that bad but doughnuts and rice krispies fuck you up)
  • Haggis
    @Brian's Uncle Perhaps if you're foolish enough to buy your fresh fruit and veg in a supermarket. I visit my greengrocer once a week, and for less than a tenner get more than enough fruit and veg for a massive salad every day and 3-4 portions of fruit a day.
  • Brians c.
    Brians uncle are you fucking real - enjoy your sickley chicken you poor dumb bastard - having kept chickens - I wouldnt dreams of putting some badly treated sickly animal on my plate - ergh - you may as well eat processed shit - As for not beaing able to eat good quality ( from a clean well managed food chain ) food purchased for £3 or under are you fucking for real.
  • Samantha
    Full fat milk?? srsly??! While yes it might be not so good for you if you drink it by the gallon, the caloric difference between semi-skimmed (2% fat) and standardised whole milk (3.8% fat) when you consider the amount you pour on your cornflakes, is maybe 10 whole fscking calories!
  • Throttle
    Sounds like another way to make some extra cash rather than make people eat healthier, I never drink full sugar drinks or full fat milk but hiking the prices up to sway people of buying will put more people out of work eventually. Would it not be more logical to do something about prices of healthy food and get them down in price, I mean if you look at the likes of a healthy sandwich you would be looking at £2.50 for one sandwich which isn't much when the likes of a chippy £2.50 would get you likes of a bag of chips and a pie etc: and then have some change spare ? Eating healthy is expensive when your going out buying all fresh salad, veg and meat it really adds up in price.. They'd be better trying get healthier products priced down imo.
  • Andy
    my son is now 3, he drinks full fat milk as advised by health visitor, he has dun since he come off powdered milk. If he drinks any other it gives him the sh*ts!!
  • Jimmy R.
    Value Added Tax Income Tax Council Tax Fuel Duty Tax Road Tax Milk Tax Lemonade Tax Cola Tax They'll be taxing us for having a crap soon enough This country is getting worse...and worse...and worse
  • Bill B.
    @Jimmy Ricky They already tax you for having a crap. It's called sewerage rates ;)
  • Andrew
    how about a c*nt tax on all MP's, Own arse dwelling do-gooders & twats preaching at how we live our lives? tax fresh veg, cos it goes off too quick & encourages waste, increases an individuals methane output, and excess travel back to the shops. Tax the church as it passes off fantasy as fact, creates unnecessary travel every sunday & harbours child abuse. wouldn't mind so much if something was done with the tax other than bailing out countries that won't help themselves (greece) or spending it on stupid reports like this. there are no jobs for the young, because the old are forced to stay in them, we are living longer & creating an abbundance of pensioners. surely those eating crap & putting themselves in an early grave are doing the nation a favour as they won't need said pension?
  • Glen
    What the government helping out by introducing more tax to get people slimmer?! A load of b*****ks. Its nothing more than yet another tax revenue stream to fill the governments coffers. If cigarettes and alcohol, were as bad as is made out, why doesn't the government ban them? well they wouldn't do that because it would be devasting to their expenses fund! The stuff they add to'sugar free' products is just as bad if not worse than saturated fat. Hey at least when it comes in to force, it pay for the NYE firework display...:-/

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