New marriage tax allowance - waste of money?

15 July 2013

TOPICS:   Government


  • amazon s.
    I bet gay couples will eventually seek some benefit to this over hetro-couples who have decided that religion (and marriage) is about as pointless as Justin Biebers Library Card. (A lesson on how to insult 3 sections of society in one sentence.)
  • Alexis
    Fat lot of good when people getting married have just have to have spent x grand on getting hitched. This is just a token to appease the tory blue rinse brigade who are so against gay marriage.
  • Natty
    ^ Dont have to spend x grand to get married only the stupid daughters, mothers of stupid daughters being stupid mothers and persons of no fixed abodes (fields etc) seem to think that's the way to go.
  • PlatinumPlatypus
    Erm I'm pretty sure this will apply to civil partnerships too, guys.

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