Fancy a free £10 from HomeServe?

20 April 2012

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  • iSSac M.
    Um. If you've had a silent call how the fuck do you know who its from? I get them. How do I know if it was Homeserve, or Pedo Pete who occasionally stalks my kids. Or are they saying these basically want the whole of the UK to ring in and find out?
  • Paul M.
    Get yourself on CallTrunk and upload these nuisance calls, it's great, it's free, it's safe (honest) and we won't sift your calls for marketing purposes* *Bollocks Paul Murphy Founder and CEO CallTrunk
  • Pedo P.
    @ iSSac Mycock If you don't want phonecalls then stop having such damn sexy kids!
  • Pedo P.
    At my latest hearing, the judge asked me "How does 8 years sound?" I said "Sexy!"
  • Alexis
    Website is overloaded.
  • SkepticSausageEater
    Damn it... they didn't prank me - just wasted 10 minutes of my time in a queue for nothing. Can I sue bitterwallet for time wasting?
  • Fancy T.
    [...] Fancy a free £10 from HomeServe? Fancy a free £10 from HomeServe? Well, it turns out that they are so desperate for your custom that they have been badgering poor unsuspecting households with silent and abandoned phone calls in breach of Ofcom rules. And Ofcom have actually done something about it. Read more on Bitterwallet [...]
  • Loads m.
    I called them, and when they answered I said nothing for two minutes, then I hung up. Result.

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