13 September 2013


  • Me
  • Chewbacca
    Happened in Germany a few years back, seems to be a "thing" with watercress for some reason. As that twat above me said, wash it first. You fucking maroons.
  • badger
    No E.coli in Greggs. That's a FACT, right there.
  • What T.
    Fucking pish website.
  • Arse C.
    Can't say I didn't warn you.
  • Chewberacist
    'Maroon' is a racist term. You dozy maroon.
  • me
    No, it was not me who could not spell whatever the fuck this "Tennant's" joke is about. I just think he is an utter twat!
  • fibbingarchie
    I once knew a Dr E Collie
  • me
    Do you think I actually read the shitty articles posted in here? I just come to this blog to insult Chewbacca!
  • Like b.
    I'm actually new to this website and I REALLY like these shitty articles. They've brightened up my Sunday considerably! Keep up the good work BW team! xxx
  • Old G.
    I looked patiently for the "twat above me" but as "Me" was the first post, there wasn't anyone above him/her. However, if you'd like to look for the "twat above me", you'll be spoilt for choice. :-D

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