Restaurants are still feeding kids unhealthy rubbish

17 July 2013

High Street restaurant chains are still not providing anything remotely healthy for kids to eat - so say the Out To Lunch Campaign, run by the Soil Association and Organix, who surveyed 21 popular eateries and found them awash with horse nuggets and fizzy mouthwash.


Only Jamie Oliver’s Italian smug barns provided any healthy choices or vegetable shaped items, and they were also the only restaurant who had any idea where the meat came from in the chicken strips.

There were some shockers out there – Burger King is worse for kid’s meals, and Italian restaurant chain Prezzo came third from bottom. McDonalds, surprisingly, was mid table, and believe it or not, Wetherspoons came third from top. (Although we’re not sure how healthy it is for children to watch their mum down 6 blue WKDs and a bottle of Echo Falls rose while they eat it).

‘Most are still churning out children’s menus dominated by the usual suspects – burgers, nuggets and pizzas – turning the table into a battlefield for any parents wanting their child to eat well.’ Said Joanna Lewis, head of policy for the Soil Association.

Isn't this all a bit of middle-class hand wringing, though? Obviously you want your kids to be healthy, but surely the point of going out to eat with the family is to fill your kid’s gullets with the kind of processed crap you wouldn’t feed to a pig?


  • zeddy
    "not sure how healthy it is for children to watch their mum down 6 blue WKDs and a bottle of Echo Falls rose while they eat it" I'm sure your kids don't care, Lucy.
  • I m.
    Lucy has a juicy pussy...
  • Reader
    ^^She could be 50 years old!!!
  • samuri
    wait a minute weren't the restaurants slagging off school dinners for this last fucking week? HOW VERY DARE THEY WHAT A FUCKING LIBERTY
  • fibbingarchie
    Restaurants don't feed kids, the parents do.
  • blagga
    I used to love this site. Now it is full of tedious cunts whose sole mission is to rip the soul out of anyone trying to write for it or read it. FUCK OFF and read something else if you don't like it.
  • Zeddy
    Blagga, such an angry man.
  • fibbingarchie
    @ blagga The irony is that your comment is also relevant to your own comment about the comments.

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