1349047 1 The Gratis Grab Bag   free stuff from HotUKDeals...Whisky! Face cream! Dog chipping! Just some of the wonderful stuff that has been unearthed from the freebies section of HotUKDeals by the assorted lovelies that hang out there. Here you go – fill your boots!

FREE DOG CHIPPING: That’s not putting a dog through a wood-chipping machine – no, it’s microchipping, you gang of sillies.

FREE DISTILLERY VISITS: Have a wander around 12 of Scotland’s finest distilleries, for nothing. Also, you’ll probably get a free sample at the end.

FREE HOTUKDEALS APP: We don’t know what this is.

FREE PHONE CALLS APP: Free calls to 0870, 0845 and 0800 numbers from your mobile phone. Which is nice.

FREE FOUNDATION: A lovely sample of Maybelline’s Fit Me foundation. Aren’t you all LUCKY???

FREE HALO 4 AVATAR OUTFIT: We’re not sure what this is either. We’re struggling today.

skype logo online The Gratis Grab Bag   free stuff from HotUKDeals...Here you go – have some free stuff. No, seriously, it’s all free, from HotUKDeals. TAKE IT!!!

FREE WINDOWS 8 MEDIA CENTRE: It’s supposed to be a £9.99 add-on to Microsoft’s new OS, but here it is for nothing!

FREE CHRISTMAS STORY: It’s only Twas The Night Before Christmas – A Visit From St. Nicholas by, erm, Jesus? Free in ebook form for your Kindle.

FREE SIM: With £5.00 credit thrown in! It’s from Vectone – no, us neither.

FREE BEJEWELED 2: The Android version – bung it in your ‘device’ and play away…

FREE WORLDWIDE SKYPE: Unlimited calling free for a month. That’s Skype-to-Skype AND you can also call offline contacts on their mobiles and landlines. Woof!

FREE MEDICAL TREATMENT: Stop wasting time with your GP and get in touch with The NHS Minor Ailments service. If you’re suffering from something small and niggly, perhaps they can help you.

(freebies found by HotUKDeals members Youngy, myst3rion, betabelf, jik22, Holidaypirates and mcpaddy)

1341782 1 The Gratis Grab Bag   free stuff from HotUKDeals...A cardboard box! A war book! A toothbrush! Yes, all of that and MORE can be yours, thanks to the joy-bringers who live in the freebies section of HotUKDeals. Think you can handle it…???

FREE PACKAGING: The tough-sounding Bukwrap, for with to mail stuff like books, toys and DVD box sets with… it says here.

FREE WORLD WAR ONE: An ebook about the whole saga, to be precise. It’s World War One: History In An Hour by Rupert Colley, if details like that matter to you.

FREE PUDSEY MONEY: Click on ‘share’ on his Facebook page and Pudsey Bear will donate £1.00 to Children In Need. Bless his little cotton socks.

FREE TOY: A huggable polar bear toy! As opposed to all those non-huggable toys, with all their rotating knives and poisonous gases and that.

FREE NATIONAL TRUST ENTRY: Get into loads of historical venues for nothing between now and May 2013. There’s a big list of places that you won’t get into as well.

FREE TOOTHBRUSH: Courtesy of Aquafresh. Those people know toothbrushes. Trust us on that one.

FREE BURNING SOFTWARE: Oh yes, it’s Ashampoo Burning Studio 2012! CD, DVD and Blu-ray-burning gloriousness for you. Normally £34.99, it’s currently yours for nothing.

FREE WINDOWS 8: The newest Microsoft OS and it could be yours for NOTHING! If you’re a student that is…

(freebies found by avid HotUKDeals members 1nkling, lambchopuk, matt_k, pinkmelonsmr2, FRANK_R1ZZO, pspr33, spannerzone, and lbzzzz)

29eb3 communist manifesto cover1 200x300 The Gratis Grab Bag   free stuff from HotUKDeals...A concert! Some online storage space! Some tissues! If you think about it, they’re all linked. They’re also all from the freebies section of HotUKDeals – come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough!

FREE CLOUD SPACE: A whopping 3GB of Dropbox space for students and teachers – free for two entire years.

FREE CONCERT TICKETS: Former Mike & The Mechanics and Squeeze man Paul Carrack is playing the O2 Indigo in a couple of weeks’ time. Be there – for NO MONEY!

FREE BET: A £10 bet for the football. We don’t know how/if this works, but seeing as the football got postponed last night, we thought it was worth mentioning.

FREE UNIVERSITY EDUCATION CERTIFICATE: Nope, no idea about this one either. The title might be misleading as well for all we know.

FREE TISSUES: Not just ANY old tissues, these are Velvet Balm tissues. Mmmm, dreamy….

FREE MANIFESTO: Not just ANY old manifesto, this is the Communist Manifesto. Mmmm, dreamy…

FREE 75P: Just fill in a survey about loft insulation. Easiest 75p you’ll EVER earn. Honest.

(freebies found by HUKD members Lucas_Sheffield, f3lix, alltheparts, warrior, dabbit, spongebob and kindareal)

1333955 1 The Gratis Grab Bag   free stuff from HotUKDeals...Music! ebooks! eBay! Lots of free things that start with ‘e’ and some that don’t. All free and courtesy of HotUKDeals. Fill your boots!

FREE EBOOKS: Don’t want to be pay for anything in the Kindle Store? Here –don’t ask us if they’re any good or not though.

FREE OUTER SPACE: It’s the Solar Walk 3D Solar System app. Control yourselves, if you can.

FREE DISNEY CODES: Free delivery codes for Disneystore.co.uk. Well SOMEONE might be able to use it.

FREE MUSIC: Okay, it’s by Nine Inch Nails, but hey, it’s FREE!

FREE EBAY: Free listings this weekend. Well, what’s left of it.

FREE LONDON TUBE APP: A ‘comprehensive guide’ it says here. To London-based tubes.

(Freebies found by HUKD members sonygeezer, helen mills, addso3uk, sennasnit, fluffykit, blackmail 2005)

1329191 1 The Gratis Grab Bag   free stuff from HotUKDeals...A pencil case! Some pyjama pants! Some juice! Some Red Dwarf! All that and more is presented here for you, via HotUKDeals’ excellent freebies section. Don’t forget – you can regularly pick up free preview cinema tickets there too, so keep your peepers peeled…

FREE SAFETY POSTERS: Stay safe while you decorate your walls with these!

FREE JUICE: A little bit of legwork can get you a 1.25l bottle of Robinsons 50 servings double concentrate juice for NOTHING!

FREE DIGITAL COMIC BOOKS: One a day from Comixology – first up is Spider-Men 1.

FREE PENCIL CASE: An O’Neill one, yours free from Staples. Bung your pencils in it, or maybe a sausage.

FREE PYJAMA PANTS: We’ve got NO IDEA what these are…

FREE RED DWARF: Watch the new series 10 of the ‘classic’ space-based sitcom online, for absolutely nothing.

FREE GAMES: Nine different ones for you, including Lure Of The Temptress and Treasure Adventure Game. They sound BRILLIANT!

(freebies found by HUKD members G0OSE, Headingly_Lad, TobyG, choc 1969, Leer, La_Fouinard and alison1989)

1326869 1 The Gratis Grab Bag   free stuff from HotUKDeals...Apps! Peace and quiet! A FIFA thing! All that and more is currently being given away via the freebies section of the mighty HotUKDeals. You’d have to be DEAD not to care! You’re not dead are you? Apologies if you are – bit insensitive of us.

FREE OFFICE APP: It’s Smart Office 2, it’s for iOS devices, you can play with Microsoft Office files using it and it’s usually £6.99. That’s all we know.

FREE NEWSPAPERS: A whole week of the i newspaper for nothing. What’s a newspaper?

FREE PEACE AND QUIET: A timely reminder of the Telephone Preference Service. Sign up and cut out those cold calls.

MORE FREE PEACE AND QUIET: A spam text-stopping operation that we think will restore harmony to the universe.

FREE DOSING DEVICE: We don’t know what this is.

FREE BIG BANG THEORY: The very first episode for you, free in iTunes. Wow, eh?

FREE FIFA 13 THING: Now you can download your own team cover for the game (Xbox 360/PS3). Please note, not all teams are available. Sorry, Accrington Stanley fans.

(freebies found by HUKD members RT1981, Gakusei, jsty3105, bowyert1, Leer, Gerrard04 and goonertillidie)

1325310 1 The Gratis Grab Bag   free stuff from HotUKDeals...Breakfast! Games! Telly and films and that! All free and all yours right now if you do some reading and clicking and stuff, and all courtesy of HotUKDeals. Here you go…

FREE BREAKFAST: If you’re an Ikea ‘family member’, you could cop for a free breakfast AND a free loaded gift card next Thursday. There’s lovely.

FREE OFFICE APP: One for the Android gang, this is Smart Office 2 and it’s usually £7.38. Not at the moment though…

FREE COFFEE: A lovely sample of Café Direct full roast for you. No, really!

FREE GAME: Another Android-flavoured one, this is Jetpack Joyride. They say that it’s ‘highly-rated’ but best of all, it’s free!

FREE ANOTHER GAME: Also for the Android gang, this one is X-Plane and is usually £9.99! Woah!

FREE CHARITY DONATION: Do a click on the Feel Good Park Facebook page and a donation of £1.00 will go to animal welfare charities. How hard can that be? You know, for the kittens?

FREE NETFLIX TRIAL: A free 30-day go on the Netflix thing with the possibilty of £12 cashback. Who wins? EVERYONE!

(freebies found by HotUKDeals users chickaroo, vwdan, jyfs, jsty305, BigDaveuk, sickly sweet and G0OSE)

The Gratis Grab Bag – free stuff from HotUKDeals…

September 28th, 2012 No Comments By Andy Dawson

1321849 1 The Gratis Grab Bag   free stuff from HotUKDeals...Cakes! A golf game! Recipes! All that and more is HERE and is FREE, courtesy of HotUKDeals. You lucky, lucky animals.

FREE MCVITIES CAKES: Jamaican Ginger Cake, Hobnob Flapjacks or Jaffa Cake Bars – free to a good home and all you’ll need to do is a little bit of Facebook clicking.

It’s his PGA Tour 12 for iOS devices. As the Ryder Cup begins, you can pretend you’re Tiger… on your phone.

From the makers of Angry Birds, except this time, you’re the pigs. Free on Android.

FREE EDUCATION: Ensmarten your minds with online courses from top universities. Oh yes.

FREE COOK BOOKS: Get the BBC Good Food app (iOS) and all of the in-app recipe books are free (normally £1.50 each).

FREE SNOOKER CLUBBERY: A year’s membership at your local Rileys snooker club for nothing – saving you a tenner.

FREE MONEY FOR CHARITY: Click ‘like’ on the Heart Research UK Facebook page and £1.00 will be donated to them. We don’t know how this works.

FREE CHAMPIONSHIP MANAGER: The classic 2001/02 version of the game, yours for nothing for your PC.

FREE SNIFF: A sample of ‘1 Million’ or ‘Lady Million’ from Paco Rabanne. They’ve got the word ‘Million’ in them, so they must be brilliant.

(freebies found by avid HotUKDeals members Leer, LaterrMaterr, kent93, adamwilko007, MICK D, randomjack, squillion, andrew01992uk and jyfs)

The Gratis Grab Bag – free stuff from HotUKDeals

September 25th, 2012 No Comments By Andy Dawson

1318280 1 The Gratis Grab Bag   free stuff from HotUKDealsA magazine! Some 007 sniff! A go on a mobile phone! All that and slightly more has been dredged up from the glory hole (erm…) that is the freebie section of HotUKDeals over the past couple of days. Don’t forget to regularly check it for free cinema preview tickets as well…

FREE WI-FI: Superfast hot-spots around the country from O2 – and you don’t have to be an O2 customer to take advantage of them.

FREE GUITAR MAGAZINE: Better still, it’s a digital guitar magazine! So there’ll be no environmental scarring when you decide you’ve had enough of it.

FREE JAMES BOND FRAGRANCE: 0.7ml of the stuff that James Bond wears as he lures all the ladies into bed. Supposedly. Let us know how you get on, eh?

FREE NOKIA MOBILE PHONE: A Lumia 800 or 900 or 808 handset for you. Here’s the smallprinty bit – it’s only for you to try out for a couple of weeks.

FREE ENERGY REBATE: You could be entitled to a Warm Home Rebate if you qualify for certain benefits. Which has got to be good news as winter prepares to curl its icy fingers around our fat faces.

FREE CAR VALUATION: This would normally cost you £3.95 but right now you can find out how much your old banger is worth for absolutely zero. Don’t blame us when you’re disappointed.

FREE DRESS SIZE MEASURING TAPE: We don’t know what this is.

(freebies found by HotUKDeals members evil_dave, andywedge, computerbar, Zabrallo, Mandz27 and JPS)

The Gratis Grab Bag – free stuff from HotUKDeals…

September 18th, 2012 No Comments By Andy Dawson

1312364 1 The Gratis Grab Bag   free stuff from HotUKDeals...Games! Reggae! Loft conversion advice! All of that and loads more has been hauled out of the freebies section of HotUKDeals and is hereby presented for you to have a good old gawp at…

FREE 2GB MICRO SD CARD: Just fill in your details and it’ll be winging its way to you.

FREE MOISTURER: Courtesy of Dove – a 15ml sample to the first 20,000 of you who get to their site and hand over your personal info.

FREE BORDERLANDS 2: Getting this couldn’t be easier – just go to London’s Brick Lane on Sunday and do a bungee jump off a crane. Sorted.

FREE REGGAE: Who among us doesn’t want a bit of free reggae in their lives? Here’s 72 minutes of it from Freedom Soundsystem.

FREE CLOUD STORAGE: 25GB of it from Box. There’s also a handy tip that will allow you to double that (to 50GB, maths fans).

FREE FAMILY HISTORY: Research your family tree for free, with the help of the Daily Mail. Don’t blame us if you turn out to be related to Stalin or one of that lot.

FREE LOFT CONVERSION EBOOK: Arguably one of the premier guides to doing a loft conversion. Normally £28.45 but right now it’ll cost you nothing.

FREE BLACK MESA: It’s a Half Life 1 remake apparently. We’ve got absolutely no idea what that might entail.

(freebies found by HUKD members cammyg1, vinnynice, TroubleMaker411, Boz, fezen, ray magini, de_deej and Aristotle)

The Gratis Grab Bag – free stuff from HotUKDeals…

September 12th, 2012 No Comments By Andy Dawson

1308184 1 The Gratis Grab Bag   free stuff from HotUKDeals... Music! Pizza! Knots! All that and more is presented here for you courtesy of the rather marvelous freebies section from HotUKDeals. ENJOY!

FREE KNOTS: It’s a 3D educational tool for iOS gizmoids and it’s currently free. Knots, yes?

FREE SKIN GLOOP: A 7-day kit of of Garnier Intensive. That’ll sort you right out and no mistake.

FREE COMPUTER SECURITY: With Security Essentials from Microsoft. Antivirus and anti-spyware software, all yours for nothing.

FREE MUSIC: Listen to your favourite artists for free with Neverending Playlist. We’ve got no idea how this works.

FREE TRAINTERNET: How to get free wi-fi on Virgin Trains while seated in Standard. Bit cheeky – you lot will be stripping the fixtures and fittings soon.

FREE PIZZA: At your nearest ASK restaurant. You’ll need the O2 Priority Moments app, but here’s an easy way to qualify for that.

FREE MOBILE MOUSE THING: SmartMouse – it’ll turn your mobile into a wireless mouse. Again, no idea.

(freebies found by HUKD members antdav, mhadley, logie31, ihmoody, john11, worton and yongxuanxuan)

1305246 1 The Gratis Grab Bag   free stuff from HotUKDeals...A game! Toothpaste! Points! All those and slightly more can be yours if you mosey over to the freebies section at HotUKDeals. Here’s the best of the bunch right now…

FREE NATIONAL TRUST GOINGS-ON: Free entry to selected sites from yesterday until Sunday. Why not roam around an old ruin for a bit?

FREE REWARD POINTS: 1,000 of them, at The Game Collection. We’ve got no idea what this means.

FREE TEMPLE RUN: Not just any old Temple Run, but Temple Run Brave – the game of the film of the same name and that. Free in the Apple App Store.

FREE COKE ZONE POINTS: Five of them to be precise. Jam them right up your Coke Zone eh?

FREE TOOTHPASTE: A sample of Aquafresh Fresh & Minty. Imagine the possibilities….

FREE STICKER: Just what you’ve been waiting for – a Google Chrome sticker! You can stick it next to the Firefox one we featured the other week and let them fight it out.

FREE VIDEO EDITING APP: It’s called Pinnacle Studio and it says here that it’s a great alternative to iMovies for your iPad. Happy with that?

(freebies found by Spenfica, goonertillidie, LaterrMaterr, fudge98, gother, ct1989 and fizz)

1303259 1 The Gratis Grab Bag   free stuff from HotUKDeals...Telly on your mobile! Games! Man smell! That’s just some of the stuff that you can get via the wondrous freebies section over at HotUKDeals right now. Here’s a round-up of the best of it all….

FREE TV APP: The mighty TV Catchup is now available in proper form for Android devices in the Google Play store. Glory be!

FREE 0870 CALLS FROM MOBILES: Don’t panic – it’s only good old SayNoTo0870, but it’s always worth a mention. Call premium rate numbers on landline numbers from your mobile and save dough.

FREE HAIR CARE KIT: From the good folk at the Body Shop and normally costing £10.00, it can be yours for nothing if you’re an O2 Priority Moments user.

FREE CLASSIC GAMES: Play them in your internet browser – greats such as Donkey Kong, Batman, Mickey & Donald and some other ones.

MORE FREE CLASSIC GAMES: Again, play them in your browser. This time it’s vintage Atari games like Pong, Super Breakout, Combat and Centipede.

FREE MAN SMELL: A sample of Hugo Boss perfume. Perfume for MEN.

(freebies found by HUKD members hazchem, Bren 7SE, jonpickett, Yass_1, reddit and laloopatel)

1298696 1 The Gratis Grab Bag   free stuff from HotUKDeals...Cookies! Betting money! A sticker! All that and more is FREE for you if you want it. All you’ll need to do is visit the tremendous freebies section over at HotUKDeals. Believe us, this is just the tip of the iceberg…

FREE COOKIES: Four free Millie’s classic cookies for you – but you’ll need to gmail

FREE STUFF: Either a 4GB USB stick or some other stuff. All you need to do is complete some kind of quiz.

FREE OFFICE FOR IPAD: Courtesy of the CloudOn app, which brings you Microsoft office capabilities to your Apple tablet. For nowt.

FREE £10 BET: With Coral. No deposit or card details required. New accounts only.

FREE CLOUD-BASED OS: It’s called Jolicloud. We’re not completely sure what it is.

FREE MOZILLA STICKER: Yeah, you read that right. Mozilla, makers of the Firefozx web browser are giving away some stickers. Don’t all rush at once.

FREE PAINT: A whole Dulux paint tester pot, all for you. Free postage and everything. Knock yourself out.

(freebies found by HUKD members dibb, wigles, antdav, rkrk, ct89 and verdhy)