twitch 300x300 Twitch hacked: credit card details stolen along with other informationTwitch, bought by Amazon last year which allows people to make money from streaming themselves playing video games, has been hacked.

Everyone is looking at Lizard Squad, who hacked Xbox as well as Lenovo. They’ve got previous with Twitch as well, when they carried out a DDoS attack, which was only resolved when (get this) four Twitter users gave in to the Squad’s demands to post selfies with “Lizard Squad” daubed on their foreheads.

However, this latest hack doesn’t look like the handiwork of Lizard Squad because, mainly, they crow about their actions very readily and they’re not really about stealing personal information, which is what’s happened here.

It appears that login details, passwords and some credit card information has been stolen in this particular hack. Twitch themselves have confirmed the hack, saying that all users will be forced to reset their passwords. They said: “For your protection, we have expired passwords and stream keys and have disconnected accounts from Twitter and YouTube. As a result, you will be prompted to create a new password the next time you attempt to log into your Twitch account.”

There’s no word on just how many people have been affected by this, but seeing as Twitch has over 45 million monthly viewers and in advance of 1 million people streaming videos, it is likely that this’ll be a large number of people who have had their security breached.

Twitch say that they’ve warned users and told them that the information that may have been swiped includes usernames, email addresses, the IP addresses from where people last logged in, credit card types, truncated card numbers and expiration dates, first and last names, phone numbers, home addresses, and dates of birth.

If you’re a Twitch user, it’d be worth changing the password for any sites you use that has a similar password to the one you use with this lot.

Mario to hit your smartphone

March 18th, 2015 2 Comments By Mof Gimmers

mario 3d tanooki 229x300 Mario to hit your smartphoneNintendo has been struggling with sales for a while and, as everyone expected, their flagship character – Mario – is going to start appearing on a smartphone near you.

The gaming company are teaming-up with DeNA to develop games for smartphone devices. With Mario and Pokemon in their armoury, Nintendo could make a killing. As a result of this news, Nintendo’s shares shot up by 21.3%.

Their model of keeping titles to one platform has been desperately old-fashioned for a while now, and now they’re branching out, the market is very happy indeed. Could this mean we end up seeing Zelda on the PlayStation?

This is a big deal for Nintendo as President Satoru Iwata had previously stated that any moves toward mobiles and tablets would see the company risking a hollowing out of their core business and what has been described as ‘cannibalising’ the value of their creations.

Later this year, there’s going to be a launch for an online membership service which will be accessible on mobile devices.

“This will allow us to build a bridge between smart devices and gaming consoles,” Nintendo President Satoru Iwata told reporters, adding, “It doesn’t mean smart devices will eat away at gaming consoles, it will create an entirely new type of demand.”

GAME launches Marketplace

March 17th, 2015 No Comments By Mof Gimmers

game logo GAME launches MarketplaceGAME have been fighting back from the brink rather well after knocking on heaven’s door for a while. Of course, it still has an almighty scrap with Amazon to contend with, but with that, they’ve taken a leaf from their rival’s book.

The video game vendor has just announced ‘Marketplace’ for third-party sellers, which will allow people to sell games, gaming memorabilia, clothes, smartphones and classic old gaming titles through their new online store.

Naturally, GAME will be taking a cut – this is business after all.

For the time being, GAME will be limiting sales to around 30 or 40 merchants, so they can police the whole thing properly. Then, when consumers trust the service and the reputation has built-up, they’ll throw the doors open to everyone who wants to sell stuff.

Can GAME compete with Amazon though? Maybe they’re not thinking that big just yet and are just offering an alternative for anyone who has Amazon fatigue.

More relevant is that this could be bad news for CeX, who have been routinely hammered by disgruntled customers on these pages.

playstation network 300x216 PlayStation doesnt do much for you if youve been hacked You’d think, what with Sony’s PlayStation being a thoroughly modern company that deals with all things online and such, would help out their customers in the event of a hack.

Well, that’s been questioned after one PS4 owner had some problems.

A Reddit user named Kadjer had their account hacked, with $600 worth of content bought through his account. In addition to all that, their console had been unlinked from their PSN account and replaced with a different one.

What was PlayStation’s solution? Well, depressingly, they apparently have a maximum refund policy of a paltry $150, which is offered as PSN credit, rather than cash in the bank.

Have you spotted the problem with this? Seeing as the customer is locked out of their account, they can’t even use the PSN credit. It doesn’t stop there either – if they decide to challenge the illicit purchases with his bank, Sony has stated that they will ban his PSN account and erase his licenses, which means he’ll lose everything, forever.

“As the transactions came in, one-by-one, it became immediately clear that my account had been hacked. I immediately logged into PSN and removed my card from the account, changed my email and password, and simultaneously launched support chats with both Sony and my bank,”  Kadjer explains.

“My account will not be able to activate a new system for six months, per Sony policy. I’m completely locked out of my own account until that date. I then asked about what would happen if I got my bank to reverse the charges, and he informed me that it would result in a banned account. I asked if there would be any way to restore my purchases, and he told me that there would not be.”

“Absolutely furious. Change your passwords, everyone. Better yet, don’t have your credit card on file with Sony – if something were to happen, you won’t be taken care of.”

Sony, dropping the ball again.

Sony Morpheus to launch in 2016

March 4th, 2015 No Comments By Mof Gimmers

Sony Morpheus 300x227 Sony Morpheus to launch in 2016We can’t lie – the prospect of virtual reality gaming is making us wet our pants with excitement.

HTC and Valve have teamed-up for their thing, but the one making us really giddy is Sony’s Morpheus VR set. Coupled with the PS4, this could make for some mindblowingly great and daft games.

And, the good news is that it will be launched properly in early 2016, according to Sony bigwig Shuhei Yoshida.

The improved Morpheus has an OLED display with 1080p resolution, which can notch up 120 frames per second, which is twice as good as the one shown off last year. There’s less than 18 millisecond latency too, which is thought to be indistinguishable from the way you move and react in the real world.

With Facebook buying Oculus Rift, the race for VR is well and truly on.

Yoshida said: “Over the last year we have all seen the virtual reality world explode. Whether it’s Morpheus, Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear VR, an increasing number of people are looking at moving virtual reality from the realm of science fiction into our living rooms.”

Sony have shown off a number of game demos, with The London Heist showing off some gangster shoot-’em-up action, as well as a ‘street luge’ game. There’s also Keep Talking And Nobody Explode, a bomb-disposal affair too.

Yoshida continued: “VR is a new medium: the demos that we have been creating are just the beginning. We will deliver a VR experience that pushes boundaries of play, and ignites a passion in players. Creativity is thriving in this industry.”

Here’s some gameplay involving a shark. We can’t wait!

Microsoft slash Xbox One prices

March 4th, 2015 No Comments By Mof Gimmers

xbox one square Microsoft slash Xbox One pricesMicrosoft really want you to own an Xbox One console. They want it so much that they’ve slashed the price of the device, which means you’ll be getting much better deals online and down the shops.

Of course, eagle-eyed readers will have noticed that there’s been an increase in cheaper Xbox consoles in our Deals of the Day for a while now, but it looks like these prices drops are going to be more widespread.

One thing that looks like it is going to be consistently cheaper is the handsome Xbox One that comes in white (a bundle that comes with Sunset Overdrive Bundle) and the Xbox One with Kinect Assassin’s Creed Bundle.

So, instead of being around £350, the average price looks like it’ll now be around the £280 mark. Not bad eh?

These deals won’t last forever, sadly, so get on it asap if you’re after a new console. Through the Microsoft Store, you’ll be able to buy the console and get a £20 voucher with it too. Like most things, this is a case of ‘while stocks last’, so don’t dilly dally.

If you miss out, we’ll have more deals from elsewhere, so don’t fret.

Xbox hack was done by Lizards

February 17th, 2015 1 Comment By Mof Gimmers

xbox one square Xbox hack was done by LizardsHave you been trying to use the Xbox Live network recently and found that you couldn’t? Don’t worry – it wasn’t your fault.

See, the outage was a result of those adorable hackers known as Lizard Squad, or at least, they’re the ones claiming responsibility after the network went down for a number of hours. Of course, the Lizards have previous, as they attacks the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live last year.

On Twitter, they said: “Xbox (360) Live #offline”, adding: “Haha ‘Xbox’ is trending worldwide. We’re back icon smile Xbox hack was done by Lizards

Why did they do it? Well, you can only assume they did it for a laugh. You can assume that’s the case as, last time they took networks offline, they said they did it “mostly to raise awareness” and “to amuse ourselves.”

This particular hack was done in conjunction with a number of groups, including some people who call themselves ‘Like No Other’. And while they chortle into their Doritos, there’s people who have paid for a service which keeps getting interrupted and is increasingly unusable. At the moment, Microsoft aren’t commenting on this disruption.

The last time this happened, the infamous Kim Dotcom offered the hackers some vouchers for some of his services, in the hope that they’d stop ruining his gaming time. However, Lizard Squad tweeted: ”One more thing: Tell KimDotcom to take his vouchers and shove them up his fat ass.”


There have been arrests over these attacks, with two kids getting their collars felt by the long arm of the law. As yet, neither have been charged.

Either way, if you’ve been having a nightmare when trying to access the network from your console, it isn’t your broadband providers fault and you’re not being really thick – Lizard Squad are just yanking your chain. Hopefully, the gaming companies will do something to try and eradicate these things, if they can think one step ahead of some hackers with a cute name.

Lizard Squad, incidentally, remind us of this sketch.

Remember us telling you about the 20th anniversary PlayStation that Sony were putting out, which made us have a gigantic nerdgasm? Well, one has just been sold for a massive amount!

The special edition PS4 sold at auction for an eye-watering £85,000. Still, if we had that kind of money to burn, we may have spend stupid money on it too.

ps4 20th 500x294 Anniversary PlayStation fetches huge cash at auction

The limited edition console was numbered ‘1’ of the 12,300 that were made. For the thrifty, you could’ve bought around 270 normal PS4s for that amount of money.

As you can see, the anniversary PS4 was coloured in the same grey as the original PS1 and was generally lovely looking, for those of a nostalgic persuasion.

The auction was in aid of Save the Children Japan and, in a nice touch, Sony said they’d match the winning bid, which means the charity will be getting a bumper £170,000 in their account.

Deathwatch: Joystiq and other AOL closures?

January 27th, 2015 No Comments By Mof Gimmers

aol Deathwatch: Joystiq and other AOL closures?The gaming industry is having a nightmare since consoles discovered they could flog their own wares as downloads through their bespoke online stores. GAME is under Deathwatch again and now, with AOL looking at restructuring, Joystiq might be set for the chopping board.

Basically, AOL are rejigging their media business and its sales team, and that looks likely to lead to the closure of multiple websites.

TechCrunch, which is owned by AOL, say that the company are “preparing to lay off staff and close or fold up underperforming titles as part of a bigger restructuring, aimed at simplifying the company around ad tech, stronger content operations and video.”

Sites that are struggling for traffic are KitchenDaily, Pawnation and Joystiq.

Joystiq themselves said: “‘AOL is likely to shutter’ Joystiq… Hey, wait a minute… that’s us! Well, we may as well handle this the same way we’ve been covering the video game industry for ten years.”

“”We do not comment on rumor and speculation,” one staffer told us, wishing to remain anonymous, preparing for their lucrative PR career. Others are still trying to figure out next steps. Another anonymous staffer said, “We’re still working until we can’t.” Sources tell Joystiq that the staff is aware of the closure, but corporate hasn’t officially told them, so they are unable to acknowledge anything out of concern that it will cause immediate shutdown. We’ve reached out for more information. We will update, as we always have, when we know more.”

January has been a bleak month for retail and media and it doesn’t look like it is going to quit any time soon.

Arrests made after Xbox and PS4 hack

January 16th, 2015 1 Comment By Mof Gimmers

xbox one square Arrests made after Xbox and PS4 hackRemember when some nerds hacked the PS4 and Xbox systems on Christmas Day, spoiling everyone’s fun and forcing them to talk to their racist relatives? Well, all offhand, glib comments made by the hackers are being put to the test as a teenager has been arrested in Merseyside.

The FBI and British officials went after the teenager from Southport and he was nicked on suspicion of unauthorised access to computer material. It gets worse for the kid – they have also been detained because of threats to kill according to the South East Regional Organised Crime Unit (SEROCU).

Deputy Chief Constable Peter Goodman said that this was a “significant” arrest, adding: ”This arrest demonstrates that we will pursue those who commit crime with the false perception they are protected within their own homes or hiding behind anonymous online personas.”

“As we continue to build capability and develop skills across wider policing, we still need industry, communities and individuals to protect themselves by implementing basic security measures whilst taking full advantage and enjoyment of the opportunities the world wide web provides.”

Get that. They’re going after your anonymous online personas!

Craig Jones, head of the Cyber Crime Unit at SEROCU, said: “We are still at the early stages of the investigation and there is still much work to be done. We will continue to work closely with the FBI to identify those who commit offences and hold them to account.”

“We are pursuing cyber criminals using the latest technology and working with businesses and academia to further develop specialist investigative capabilities to protect and reduce the risk to the public. Cyber crime is an issue which has no boundaries and affects people on a local, regional and global level.”

Spectrum Vega is going into production

January 15th, 2015 3 Comments By Mof Gimmers

zx vega controller 660 300x205 Spectrum Vega is going into productionWe told you about the new console being made by Sir Clive Sinclair a while ago, and now, we can confirm, it is going into production after a successful crowd-sourcing project.

The Spectrum Vega is a little different to the old ZX Spectrum – the iconic rubber keyboard has been updated into a retro joypad. There’ll be no tapes to load up either, as that would be magnificently stupid in 2015.

Instead of being a thing designed to get you interested in home programming, the Vega is a joy machine, meant only for playing classic Spectrum games. Of course, there’s a load of online emulators that you could have, but they’re not as nice as the Vega.

The machines are going to be built by a company in the UK (SMS Technologies, if you’re interested) which is something Sir Clive was very keen on.

Bob Pitchford, SMS Technologies’ sales and marketing director, fizzed: ”The original Sinclair ZX Spectrum is a gaming product that we all remember, so it is very exciting to be working with such an iconic brand.”

The Spectrum Vega will have access to a huge collection of classic games, which is good news for all.

Deathwatch: GAME gloom again

January 14th, 2015 7 Comments By Mof Gimmers

game logo Deathwatch: GAME gloom againGAME are having a gloomy time yet again, with shares plummeting by more than 40% as the markets took notice of another profit warning from the video game vendor.

The retailer is suffering after heavy discounting after the Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas period. Basically, the group got more bodies through the door, but sales actually fell.

Of course, GAME went bankrupt two years ago, but last November, profits were up and they looked like they were going to get things rolling again.

Chief executive of GAME, Martyn Gibbs said: “Our strategy is to grow customer lifetime value and over the Christmas trading period, starting with Black Friday, we invested margin in offering gamers competitive product propositions through the bundling of games with hardware and reduced pricing, to recruit as many new generation customers as quickly as possible.”

“We now have a huge customer base within the new formats, to sell both mint and pre-owned physical and digital content and accessories to over the long term.”

“We have a solid line up of new physical and digital games being launched in our second half and have already secured a number of key exclusives. Our teams remain focused on delivering our unique specialist gaming experience for our customers.”

Trying to woo people back through the door is one thing, but shooting yourself in the foot while you do it, is quite another.

Boomerang Games: Has your money gone missing?

January 12th, 2015 3 Comments By Mof Gimmers

 Boomerang Games: Has your money gone missing?There’s been a kerfuffle at Boomerang Rentals, where customers have been complaining that money has been going missing from their account.

Boomerang said: ”Following an initial enquiry at the end of last week, we have had a number of customers raise concerns regarding fraudulent payment attempts on their card details that are also registered with us.”

“We are fully investigating this issue and have temporarily removed access to our website while this continues. We have contacted our Payment Provider Sagepay and our Merchant Bank World Pay and neither have any reported concerns relating to us.”

“However, please be assured we are treating this with the utmost urgency and can provide more information on our findings as they become available. If you have any concerns, please contact your card issuer. We apologise for any inconvenience the removal of our site has caused and thank you for your patience as we continue to investigate further.”

Obviously, a lot of customers aren’t happy with this response. One spat: “How comes it took you 3 or 4 days to acknowledge this? I had over 2 grand took out and if you would have warned us all, hell by even a email, we could have cancelled our cards. It is not the money I am pissed about, it’s the fact you ignored the complaints you were getting on the thursday and friday that annoys me. For such a great games company, your customer service is sorely lacking. It is such a shame it happened this way. Customers first Boomerang. …you should have warned us straight away, instead of keeping quiet. Very disappointed.”

Another added: “I had money taken out my bank as well, i closed my boomerang account months ago so you shouldn’t even have my bank details stored still.”

There’s a thread on Reddit also, where there’s a good volume of complaints. Some are suggesting that the company got their bank details from a free trial, and now, potentially thanks to a leak/hack, money is going out of accounts from people who hadn’t planned to spend any money.

We’ll keep an eye on this, until then, it is worth contacting your bank about any payments you believe to be fraudulent or indeed, if you’ve used Boomerang, check your bank statement to see if there’s any erroneous funds missing.

prince1 300x187 Over 2,000 free MS DOS games to be played on your computer!Fans of old video games can rejoice as a huge library of MS-DOS games have been archived and are playable on your computer.

And you won’t need to dust down a floppy disk or mess around with command prompts as they’re playable in your browser.

The MS-DOS Software Library has gathered up games in advance of 2,300 titles, including Street Fighter II, Golden Axe, Prince of Persia (pictured), Metal Gear, SimCity, Maniac Mansion, Arkanoid, ZZT, Micro Machines and Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Naturally, there’s a load of rubbish in there, but of course, for gaming nuts, that’s not entirely bad news either as there’s something rather sweet about reliving the frustrations of playing something that you thought was complete crud, way back when.

The site is exempt from the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) because it is hosting games that are on a format that is effectively dead.

Not that you should care about that as such. You should rummage around and see what games they have and coo at the graphics and remind yourself how tricky gaming used to be.

Play games at the MS-DOS Software Library here.

Bought Far Cry 4 for Xbox but can’t play it?

January 6th, 2015 No Comments By Mof Gimmers

xbox one square Bought Far Cry 4 for Xbox but cant play it?If you’ve downloaded Far Cry 4 for Xbox One and it isn’t working and you’re spending your time punching your joypad and screaming blue murder into the ether, you’re not alone.

What has happened is quite odd – even if you’ve paid for the game, it isn’t launching for a number of users thanks to the small matter of the game itself not being listed on the Xbox Marketplace. That’s right. The same place you bought it from.

If you check the Xbox Marketplace, you’ll find the game does show up in the searches, however, it is impossible to get at it.

Microsoft haven’t said what’s going on, but the developer - Ubisoft – have acknowledged the problem on a message board, saying “we are investigating”. Kotaku report that one customer bought the game on the day it came out, unlocked all the achievements, but can’t get back into the game thanks to an error message when trying to load it up.

At £49.99, that’s an issue not to be sniffed at. The advice here is that, if you’re thinking of buying the game, it would be wise to hold-off and let Xbox and Ubisoft sort the issues out. There’s no point forking out for a product if you can’t use it. If you’ve already bought it, but can’t gain access to the game, hang tight or complain about it all in our comments.