despicable me 2 300x240 Cartoons more popular than ever at UK box officeCinema news now, and animation has replaced action as the UK’s favourite film genre for the first time.

According to figures from the British Film Institute, the UK were hot for cartoons, with Despicable Me 2 (pictured), Disney’s Frozen, Monsters University and The Croods, all in the UK Top Ten last year.

The popularity of animated films was attributed to the fact that young people between the ages of seven and 24 were the UK’s biggest filmgoers in 2013, making up 47% of total cinema admissions.

Only 33 animated films were released in 2013, as opposed to 153 comedies, and yet they represented more than 20% of the total UK box office and generated £247m in 2013 – a £100m increase on the previous year.

The chairman of Animation UK, Oliver Hyatt, reckons: “Part of the recent success of animated films is that they are becoming more sophisticated and appealing to a broader audience. There is no longer the feeling that they are just for a young audience and adults don’t feel strange going to see them anymore. I would say that within the film industry, animation has been playing catch-up for years but the medium is maturing quite fast and there’s more of these films, creating more competition, which has been good for driving up the quality of the genre.”

“The really pleasing thing is that there is now a focus on making these family-oriented animated films in this country as well, and in the next couple of years there is some high-profile talent voicing UK animations. Hopefully, we won’t just be watching animation, we’ll be making these high-quality animated films ourselves.”

Action films still did okay mind, with Iron Man 3 leading that field and the top performing comedy was The Hangover 3, which was a bit terrible. Sci-fi did well too, due to the £31m grossing Gravity.

Total UK box office revenues exceeded £1bn for the third year in succession. Although the success of British films such as Fast and Furious 6, Les Misérables and Philomena meant UK films generated $4.1bn (£2.4bn) worldwide – 11% of the global box office – this was a decrease from 2012, when Bond film Skyfall generated $5.3bn.

Oh and people have seemingly had it with 3D too, as Gravity was the only film that seemed to woo cinema goers to wear uncomfy glasses for three hours.

Well done the UK box office!

Is Amazon going down the pan?

July 25th, 2014 1 Comment By Lucy Sweet

amazoninstant Is Amazon going down the pan? More than $16bn just fell off the value of Amazon last night, as investors ditched it for failing to post consistent profits.

Amazon has been spreading itself around like a guy covered in Lynx in a Brentford nightclub, flirting with smartphones, investing in warehouses and ridiculous drones and spending money hand over fist – and it’s making a negative impact on their figures. As a result, the company has posted its biggest net loss for almost two years: £126m.

Shareholders have forgiven Amazon’s woolly headed approach to making a profit in the past few years, putting it down to the perils of running a mega international multi channel super corps. But with some now deserting the company, could cracks be starting to show?

It’s likely that this spendy trend will continue into the third quarter as Amazon announced it expected to post further operating losses of up to $810m.

But with the arrival of the Fire smartphone, Amazon is confident it can make it up.

‘We have a tremendous amount of opportunity,’ chief financial officer Tom Szkutak said: ‘While it’s impacting short-term results, we’ll obviously be looking to get great returns on invested capital.’

Unless their new smartphone and pay TV service is crap, in which case, maybe not…

sky BSkyB do 7bn deal with Murdoch to create SKY EUROPE The media powers that be have been cooking up schemes to take over the world again, and it’s now been announced that BSkyB have agreed with Rupert Murdoch to buy Sky Deutchland (owned by 20th Century Fox) and Sky Italia for £7bn.

This pan-European media conglomerate will henceforth be known as Sky Europe.

The plan is to create a pay TV and broadband behemoth in countries that are currently less developed (ie: people don’t stream Game of Thrones episodes directly into the brains every night).

In the UK, their satellite subscription service has reached saturation point, so they need new markets to take over with evil Murdoch-tastic Skyness.

Jeremy Darroch, CEO of BSkyB said:

‘The three Sky businesses are leaders in their home markets and will be even stronger together. By creating the new Sky, we will be able to use our collective strengths and expertise to serve customers better, grow faster and enhance returns.’

Meanwhile, James Murdoch, Fox’s co-chief operating officer and celebrity bender of the truth, said:

‘Ultimately, a pan-European Sky is good for customers, who will benefit from the accelerated technological innovation and enhanced customer experience made possible by a fully integrated business.’

Slovenia, prepare yourselves for loads of brand new episodes of Dance Moms.

50% of people post online TV show spoilers

July 8th, 2014 4 Comments By Lucy Sweet

game of thrones 50% of people post online TV show spoilers According to a survey by people with nothing better to do, three quarters of us have had the plotlines of TV shows ruined by people on social networks.

Game of Thrones is the most spoiled programme (KING JOFFREY IS A WOMAN!), followed by Breaking Bad (IT’S NOT THAT GREAT!) and The Walking Dead (NEVER SEEN IT, IS IT GOOD?).

And half of us admit that we can’t resist sharing sensitive plot information with the world via Facebook and Twitter.

Researchers at VoucherCodesPro polled 2749 people about their viewing habits, and found that 77% of people watched their favourite shows for an average of 10-15 hours a week. But they only watched scheduled, traditional telly for 5.5 hours.

74% said that they’d had a TV show ruined by online spoilers, because audiences in America had seen it before then and discussed it on social media. BOO HOO.

Perhaps if people used those 20 hours a week of watching telly to do something more interesting they wouldn’t be sitting around boring everybody about spoilers. And they might smell a tiny bit less of overpowering armpit cheddar.

Watch the Thrones on blinkbox

June 18th, 2014 4 Comments By Ian Wade

Game of Thrones Season 4 Second Trailer 570x293 300x154 Watch the Thrones on blinkboxblinkbox are promoting their biggest ever tie-up with Tesco.

The digital service is launching their largest marketing campaign for a TV show, as Game of Thrones Season 4 arrives on blinkbox months before DVD release.

blinkbox is giving away 1,000 loyalty scheme Tesco Clubcard points and a free 10” Finest pizza with every purchase of the swords and nooky-filled bunkum.

blinkbox describes the promotion as “the most generous ever” as it marks a strategic shift towards regular loyalty mechanics in a bid to tempt new customers and drive loyalty.

‘Loyalty mechanics’. Read it and actually weep.

250 Clubcard points also come with the purchase of any of the previous three series. Customers who buy all four series of Game of Thrones with blinkbox will be rewarded with 1,750 Clubcard points.

It will be backed by a TV and digital advertising blitz, and Tesco will also be offering limited edition cards with key characters in its artwork. Those characters that haven’t been killed gorily and raped yet anyway.

blinkbox Managing Director Adrian Letts reckons “It’s our most generous giveaway ever and proves that we are committed to offering the very latest and best TV without subscription and rewarding customers for choosing us with exclusive offers. The message is clear – we’ll treat customers like royalty for their loyalty.”

Bloody Hell. Remember when Tesco gave a monkeys about food?

Father’s Day Hints: The Anki Drive

June 12th, 2014 No Comments By Ian Wade

anki 300x169 Fathers Day Hints: The Anki DriveIt’s father’s day at the weekend and rather than pass off some badly thought out rock compilation and a hastily bought Dairy Milk, why don’t you get your pops this?

Billed as a Scalextric for the 21st century, the Anki Drive allows you to control cars with your iPhone, and also throw weapons.

Using sensors and cameras, the cars are controlled by an app on the phones and are raced on a special playmat. Basically, it’s next level amazingness.

It’s now on sale in the UK for an unsnipular £180, and comes with two cars. If you want more cars, they cost £50 each. If the enterprise takes off – and look at it, of course it will – no doubt the price will come down.

Up to four players can race cars around the tracks, or players can go it alone and battle against the artificial intelligence, built into the cars. Brrr.

Here’s how it works: Within each car is a small camera that let them ‘see’ where they are going. This camera points straight down and looks through the track into the circuitry underneath. The track itself provides information for the car as to where it can drive. A 50 megahertz computer on each car monitors where it is on the track 500 times every second. This then feeds information to the motors in the two rear wheels so the car knows where to drive. Every two milliseconds they make an adjustment to the rear motors to stay on trajectory.

The track itself, about the size of a tabletop, can be rolled out onto any surface, and the matchbox-sized cars are then placed on the track and controlled by players using their chosen device.

Well, if anyone wants me to be their daddy, you know how to clinch the deal. GET TO IT.

Freeview’s future is bright

June 5th, 2014 1 Comment By Ian Wade

freeview 300x144 Freeviews future is brightFreeview’s future is now secure, thanks to a new deal.

The BBC, Channel 4 and ITV have all stumped up a new £100 million deal to secure Freeview’s future.

Part of this is down to them currently working on a secret project that is going to “kill YouTube” apparently, as internet connected TV sets become ever more popular.

The public service broadcasters, along with transmission company Arqiva, are investing the money in Freeview Connect, offering their TV channels and on-demand services – BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and 4oD – available as standard on smart TVs with broadband connections.

They are launching Freeview Connect after scaling back their investment in YouView, although they remain shareholders in the rival internet-connected TV service.

Freeview Connect (working title) will be positioned as a service that will make the best of broadcast and on-demand TV available free for everyone.

That’s quite good news for anyone who thought the future was going to arrive with YouView five years ago but didn’t.

Man, it’s like that whole jet packs thing all over again.

Dr Dre Net Worth1 300x300 Apple is finally going to buy Beats next weekThe news that Apple was buying Beats for $3.2bn broke a while ago, but after a few delays, the ubiquitous megacorp are due to put their hands in their pockets and actually buy it this week.

Maybe they were waiting for a cheque to clear?

Rumours that the deal had fallen through were rife, after the company announced the bid on May 8th, then went suspiciously silent. Actually, they’ve used this time wisely, by haggling the original price down to a nice round $3bn.

It could be that the drop in asking price was because Spotify, Beats Music’s main rival, has reached 10 million subscribers – and that could have given Apple a bit of leverage in the cash negotiations.

Anyway, it’s still a LOT OF MONEY, and there will be a big fanfare and announcement in time for Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference next week. Beats founders Jimmy Iovine and Dr Dre will apparently be in attendance, wearing outfits made of gold.

In fact, Dre will probably be extremely happy about the whole thing, seeing as he stands to gain $750m from the deal. No chance of anyone forgetting about him now, eh?

Virgin Media launch new sports app

May 28th, 2014 1 Comment By Mof Gimmers

football Virgin Media launch new sports appThe folks at Virgin Media have teamed up with Eurosport so they can now offer all their TiVo customers a dedicated sporting app, in addition to the existing channels British Eurosport and British Eurosport 2.

As of today, anyone with Virgin Media TiVo will be able to access the latest sporting news and action through their TV courtesy of Eurosport.

Sadly, Eurosport isn’t very good, but still, better than a kick in the arse, eh? You still get the Giro and loads of tennis, but it isn’t much of a match for other channels if you’re after domestic football.

This new app means customers can watch video clips from the Eurosport UK website, which has sports news, interviews with athletes, footballers, tennis ball hitters, cycling and more.

“We are excited to be the home of all this summer’s live sporting action,” says Scott Kewley, director of digital entertainment at Virgin Media. “With even more great sport from Eurosport, we are delivering an unrivalled viewing experience for avid sports fans and the whole family to enjoy.”


Now TV say sorry for being so rubbish

May 16th, 2014 4 Comments By Lucy Sweet

Sky’s live streaming service Now TV, is not exactly popular with users at the moment. Customers have been left angry when the service cut out half way through someone having their knob chopped off with a sword in Game of Thrones, and there was a disastrous outage during the Premier League final stage, which caused a flood of complaints from fans.

now tv Now TV say sorry for being so rubbish

Now TV also sent a very apologetic email about the technical faults that have plagued the service, which read:

‘We know NOW TV hasn’t been working as it should have been recently and we’re incredibly sorry for the interruptions to your viewing.’ They bleated.

‘We want to assure you that we’re working tirelessly on this complex technical issue. This is our top priority and the whole NOW TV team is focused on making sure we are doing everything we can to make things better. We’re sorry for not delivering the high-quality service you rightly expect from us.’

As well as the groveling, they’re offering a £10 voucher you can use at Sainsbury’s, Asda, Argos or Amazon. Is that good enough for you, telly addled proles?

What’s the betting that customers will soon be leaving in their droves?

Netflix celebrates profits by putting up prices

April 22nd, 2014 4 Comments By Lucy Sweet

They’re rubbing their hands together and laughing maniacally at Netflix today, as the live streaming TV behemoths celebrated profits of $53m (£32m) during the first quarter of 2014.

netflix transparent Netflix celebrates profits by putting up prices

And to thank us all for devotedly putting them where they are today, they’re also considering a monthly price increase for new members. CHEERS! But it will only be ‘a dollar or two’, they say. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings (who sounds like a Bret Easton Ellis character) has said that the price increase will help ‘acquire new content and deliver an even better streaming experience.’

Basically, thanks to the success of House of Cards, Netflix could show us their bumhole, fart the theme tune to Orange is The New Black and only show films in Swahili for a month and we’d still all love it. Shares are up 6%, the champagne is flowing, the bunting is up, and Kevin Spacey is looking rather smug.

However, globally speaking, HBO are still way ahead in terms of subscribers, with 130 million to Netflix’s 50 million. And will putting up monthly prices really increase their membership, or just send everyone scurrying to another service?

sky Streaming bug messes up Sky Go and BBC iPlayer resulting in outageHave you been having a spot of bother with Sky Go and BBC’s iPlayer? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

There’s been mass outages thanks to a bug, which is now being investigated by the BBC and Sky.

The error seems to only affect Apple iOS users of the apps, with users saying that they’ve seen messages about Client Server Certificate issues and the like.

Sky said: “We are currently experiencing an issue with Sky Go on iPhone, iPad and iPod. You will see a ‘Video Unavailable’ error message while trying to watch any content. We’re really sorry about the issue and we’re working very hard to get it fixed for you. Thank you for your patience and understanding.”

BBC also acknowledged an issue: “We are aware of reports from users encountering an ‘Insufficient Bandwidth’ error message when attempting to play programmes through the iPad app.”

In short, it should all be fixed soon enough.

bbc iplayer ipad 300x242 BBC extend iPlayer downloads to Android phones and tabletsThe BBC have, in their own sweet time, extended their iPlayer download facility to pretty much every Android smartphone and tablet on the market.

Until recently, the download feature has been limited to a few Android devices, but now, it is on offer to anyone running Ice Cream Sandwich, version 4.0, or later. That’s around 96% of Android users now able to download episodes of Coast and Pointless for offline viewing.

So what happened to change their minds? The notion that there are more Android devices in use than iPhones?

Not quite. Basically, the BBC has got a bit carefree and decided to stop extensive tests for all the devices.

“We believe that the vast majority of devices will enjoy a great video downloading experience. However, with more than five thousand different phone, phablet and tablet models able to install the BBC iPlayer Android app, there are likely to be a number of devices that exhibit bugs concerning download behaviour,” said Auntie Beeb.

“We can’t promise that we will fix every issue that is brought to our attention (there may be device limitations that prevent us from doing so) but we will seek to address problems according to the complexity of the issue, as well as the UK popularity and the user numbers of the device itself,” they added.

Google to offer more through Chromecast

April 9th, 2014 No Comments By Mof Gimmers

chromecast 300x199 Google to offer more through ChromecastGoogle’s Chromecast is a pretty great piece of kit, allowing you to stream from your phone, tablet or computer, straight to your TV set. BT Sports users who only have the app, will now be able to watch live sports on their tellies, or stream full length films from YouTube.

The homepage, which you see on your screen when not in use, is a selection of typical vistas designed to exude calm through nature, is pretty and all, but not particularly useful (apart from having a clock on it).

However, that looks like it is about to change.

Google are looking at giving you a little more on the wallpaper and over at TechCrunch, they’ve stumbled across various findings after some people went rummaging around in the source code. What was found was some javascript references, which will also add a weather forecast on your homescreen.

There’s weather related icons, as well as the current temperature in a given region, but mainly, it’ll tell you what it’s like outside – either coat weather, t-shirt weather and so on.

On top of that, there’s also code which looks like Chromecast will eventually give users the opportunity to have custom wallpapers, instead of the various streams and horizons which Google love so much.

While these aren’t hugely exciting, you hope that this at least vaguely points to the idea that Google are willing to do much more with Chromecast. You could use your TV screen for reminders, checking messages and whatnot. Basically, you could make your television set a second dashboard, which is exciting if you like that sort of thing.

Welcome to Googlebox

April 7th, 2014 No Comments By Lucy Sweet

Google are riding high on the success of their Chromecast dongle, which has sold millions and become the best-selling technology product on Amazon since its launch in the US last summer.

500px android logosvg 300x300 Welcome to Googlebox

So now they’re going to do what Amazon and Apple did and launch Android TV. And although it’s yet to be publicly announced, they’ve rather Partridge-ly described it as an ‘entertainment interface’, rather than a platform. They’ve also said it will be ‘cinematic,’ ‘fun’, ‘fast’ and ‘fluid’ (ewww), ‘with the least amount of friction.’ (Wait a minute. We ARE still talking about TV, aren’t we?).

It looks the same as other ‘entertainment interfaces’ – a bunch of horizontal tiles you can swipe through with a remote control, which has a navigation pad which goes in four directions. You can scroll through apps, and third party TV streaming services like Netflix.

One of the big differences, though – this being Google – is the ‘search’ function. They’re hoping that they’ll do such a good job with their predictive recommendations that you won’t even need to search.

How this all chimes in with Chromecast, though, is anyone’s guess. Won’t it leave their dongle dangling?