Deals of the Day: Tuesday 6th January 2015

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deals of the day 300x162 Deals of the Day: Tuesday 6th January 2015Do you need a holiday after a hectic Christmas, where you went back to your parents and had to sleep on a fold-up bed in a makeshift office, reunited with your teenage quilt and all its suspect stains?

Good news. We’ve found a deal where you can jump on the Eurostar and get £59 return tickets to Paris or Brussels. Both cities have culture and sights, but most importantly, both encourage vague alcoholism, which is what all decent holidays are really about.


PS4 wireless stereo headset 2.0 £58 with code
Cheap London theatre tickets from £10
PS4 with Infamous: Second Son/Little Big Planet 3, 2 controllers, camera, Destiny: Vanguard, Watchdogs and Godzilla for £399.99
Simon and Garfunkel’s Greatest Hits for 99p
Blu Ray movies under £3!
Citizen Khan Christmas Special for 1p
50 red roses for your loved one, delivered, for £29.71!
From April, Three will be including Spain in their Feel At Home package. More here.
LG 40 inch smart TV £338 delivered


Deals of the Day: Monday 5th January 2015

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deals of the day 300x162 Deals of the Day: Monday 5th January 2015After a new phone? Did you drop your mobile down the bog on New Year’s Eve and can’t wait for payday to get another, because there’s that certain someone you want to send obscene sexts to?

Well, no fear, because we’ve stumbled across a great deal where you can get a Motorola MotoG 4G (in black, or white, depending on your preference) for the paltry sum of £105! Click here for a bargain!


Family Guy Seasons 1 – 12 for £26.99
Dolce Gusto Mini Me Automatic at John Lewis for £29
The Inbetweeeners Series 1 – 3 for £7.99
Samsung Galaxy S5 Payg at Vodafone for £279.99
JVC 48” Full HD TV for £299
Nintendo 3DS Ice White at Tesco Direct for £89
Watch Dogs on PS4 and Xbox One for £10!
Xbox One: twin docking-station with batteries for £14.99


Deals of the Day: Friday 2nd January 2015

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deals of the day 300x162 Deals of the Day: Friday 2nd January 2015If, somehow, you haven’t spent up over Christmas (not that shocking if you’re not Christian or adjacent, so pipe down), there’s a lot of good bargains knocking around as the shops are assuming no-one will be wanting to part with their meagre money.

Well, for those with a couple of quid left over, who happen to be tech fiends, you’ll like this deal we’ve found for Apple’s iPad. You can get your paws on an iPad Air (32GB, WiFi) for £299.99! That’s a very good price.


PlayStation 4 with Little Big Planet 3 for £279.99
Great Panasonic washing machine for £349 with 5 year warranty
HTC One m8 – was £485, now £289!
Microsoft Flight Simulator for £3.99
Nintendo 3DS (ice white or coral pink) with Super Mario Bros 2 or Mario Kart 7 for £94.85
Little Big Planet 3 for £24.85, Driveclub for £23.86 and Rayman Legends for £14.86, delivered!
Damon Albarn ‘Everyday Robots’ for 99p
Epiphone limited-edition electric guitar with hard case for £219


Deals of the Day: New Year’s Eve 2014

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deals of the day 300x162 Deals of the Day: New Years Eve 2014Like free things? Feel like PlayStation owe you something after the dismal hack that irritated a load of people on Christmas day? Well, there’s good news for gamers as Sony are hosting a cool giveaway!

There’s going to be free games throughout January for PS+ subscribers, so at the moment, that means you can get inFAMOUS: First Light and The Swapper for PS4 for nothing, Prototype 2 and Duck Tales Remastered for the PS3 and Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition and Whoa Dave! for PS Vita. Have a look here.


Ed Sheeran’s ‘X’ album for 99p
The Last Of Us on PS4 for £19.99
Xbox One in white with Sunset Overdrive and Forza 5 for £299.90
LG G3 32GB model for £299.75
Metro: Redux on PS4 and Xbox One for £14.99
Toshiba 40-inch full HD smart TV for £189
PS4 console with PlayStation TV, Driveclub, Last of Us, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, GTA V or FIFA 15 for £399.99
Gangster Blu-Ray boxset for £8.99 with Carlito’s Way, Casino, Scarface and more
Acer 27″ IPS monitor for £129.99


Deals of the Day: Tuesday 30th December 2014

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deals of the day 300x162 Deals of the Day: Tuesday 30th December 2014Ready for a holiday after the Christmas period? Waiting for New Year to get done so you can start the recovery process and wring your liver out in the garden? Sounds like you need a holiday, where you can relax by eating loads and drinking lakes of booze… hang on.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a break, then you should check out this deal we’ve found - Barcelona return flights for £39.98, per person, for 5 nights. Hit the link to see the whens and wheres.


Integral 32gb Ultimapro micro SDHC card 40mb/s including adapter for £7.99
PS Vita 1000 with Little Big Planet, Tearaway and 16gb memory card for £99.99
Assassin’s Creed: Unity for Xbox One for £16.99
PlayStation 4 with 2 controllers, Little Big Planet 3 and PS4 camera for £359.99
Monitor Audio MR4 5.1 speaker package for £699.95
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for Wii £9.99
Valve complete pack £10 with code
Kindle Fire HDX 16gb for £99


Deals of the Day: Monday 29th December 2014

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deals of the day 300x162 Deals of the Day: Monday 29th December 2014The post Christmas sales can be arduous, especially if you’re brave/mad enough to actually go down the shops and join the scrum, getting elbowed in the ribs while you try and nab a cheapie. Fear not. We’ve got some of the best deals and you won’t have to leave your chair.

The best deal we’ve seen today sees you gamers getting a PS Vita for £99.99! An excellent price for the best handheld console in the market (in our humble opinion). Click here to see the deal.


Texaco fuel price mega-drop!
Galaxy Note 10.1 for £160
Lana Del Rey ‘Ultraviolence’ for 99p
Xbox One with Forza for £289
AC/DC ‘Back in Black’ for 99p
Samsung Galaxy SIII Pebble mp3 player for £11.69
Dishonoured (Steam) for £2
Network Railcard for £1
Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry for PS4 for £3.99
Xbox Live Gold 12 months and £5 Live credit for £29.99


Deals of the Day: Christmas Eve 2014

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picture 27 Deals of the Day: Christmas Eve 2014Having a load of people ’round over Christmas and want to have music blasting out without a load of faff? Well, instead of buying a load of festive songs you don’t want for the rest of the year, you can get Spotify for cheap and have everyone’s requests to hand, apart from Taylor Swift’s new one.

And you don’t have to fork out loadsamoney either? You can get 3 months of Spotify Premium for a paltry 99p, if you click here. That’s Christmas and New Year parties sorted out for under a quid. Make a couple of 9 hour long playlists and you’re away!


Samsung Galaxy S5 – was £525, now £279
HTC One M8 – was £485, now £289
3-for-2 on selected PS4 and Xbox One games, as well as deals on controllers and accessories
Sim City for £4.99
Assassin’s Creed V: Unity – special edition for Xbox One and PS4 for £23.85
Blackberry Playbook-64gb for £39.99
Philips 40-inch 4k ultra HD 3D smart LED TV for £499.99
Wii Party U with remote-plus for £23


1 litre bottles of vodka, whisky, rum, gin and more, for £15
Teacher’s whisky for £10
2 crates of booze for £20 - works out at 50p per can!
Ardmore 10 year old whisky for £20
Chateauneuf du Pape red-wine for £10
All the best champagne deals can be found here


Deals of the Day: Tuesday 23rd December 2014

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deals of the day 300x162 Deals of the Day: Tuesday 23rd December 2014Half of us only drink champagne at weddings and Christmas, so with it being the festive period (if you’re getting married now, shame on you for making a pricey time of year even more expensive for everyone), you might fancy some bubbles.

Well, we’ve got a great megathread of all the best deals on champers for the Christmas and New Year celebrations. There should be a couple of corks popping when the year is out, or it isn’t a proper farewell to the year. Have a look here.


Valve complete pack for only £10!
Up to 70% off sale with Schuh, with next-day delivery for £1
Goat Simulator for only 59p!
£10 off your next order with Zavvi with no minimum spend
Nintendo DSi XL £59 delivered
PS4 in black or white with Minecraft, Little Big Planet 3, Driveclub and Lego Batman 3 for £349.99
Luxor 40″ LED TV 1080p HD £169.95 with 5 year guarantee
Wolfenstein: The New Order Xbox One for £12


Boxed Kracken rum for £18
Teacher’s whisky for £10
10% off wine, champagne and spirits with myWaitrose card
36 cans of Carling for £20 with 3 free NowTV Sky Sports passes
Glenlivet 12 year old whisky for £20
Fosters lime & ginger lager 12 for £3


Deals of the Day: Monday 22nd December 2014

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deals of the day 300x162 Deals of the Day: Monday 22nd December 2014Forget orchestrated sales at Christmastime, as we’ve always got the Deals of the Day to sort you out! As ever, we’ve got the Christmas Booze section so you can sozzle your way through the festives. But what else?

Well, today’s best deal sees you getting a PS4 or Xbox One console for £279.20 with code. That’s a very reasonable price indeed. That’s one of the cheapest prices we’ve seen all year, so snap that up sharpish if you’re in the market for one.


Seagate 5tb usb 3.0 3.5 inch external hard-drive for £109.99
Odeon: three cinema tickets for £12
Excellent Steam sale on games like Shadow Warrior, Skyrim, LA Noire and more.
Sony Bravia smart 3D LED TV 42inch with Sony Soundbar for £509
£35 PSN card for £25
Samsung Galaxy S5 for £359.99
Nintendo 3DS XL limited edition with Super Mario 3Dland for £139


Johnnie Walker black label 70cl for £18
Louis Delaunay champagne was £25.99, now £8
4 big bottles of beers and ciders, such as Moretti, Asahi and Estrella for £6
Bacardi Mojito for £8
Smirnoff Espresso coffee flavour 70cl for £13
Crates of lager and cider – 2 for £20


Deals of the Day: Friday 19th December 2014

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deals of the day 300x162 Deals of the Day: Friday 19th December 2014Have you woken up this morning thinking, ‘today’s the day I’d really like to own a Nexus 7! My life will not be complete unless I have one placed in my cold, dead hands!’? Well, good thing we found a deal for you.

You can get a Nexus 7 with Staples for a very reasonable £99. You’ll need a reward card, but you can sign up for that on the spot and then bin it as soon as you leave the shop if you like. Check the deal here.


Steam mega winter sale!
PS4 console with physical copies of GTA V and The Last of Us £319.99 with code
Blaupunkt 50″ full HD TV with 5-year-warranty for £279.99
Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag on Xbox for just £8.99
Classic albums, available to download for £1.99. Includes Michael Jackson, The Stooges, Wu Tang, Aretha Franklin and loads more!
Wii U console with new Super Mario Brothers, just £159.99
Xbox Live Gold 12 months for £24.65
Samsung 40″ 3D LED smart TV 1080p HD for £314.95
Games bundle: Watch Dogs, Alien Isolation, The Last of Us, Driveclub and Wolfenstein on the PS4 for £90


20 bottles of Magners original for £20
Megathread of spirits!
Large bottles of Leffe and Hoegaarden (750ml) 3 for £6
Johnnie Walker black label 70cl with presentation box, was £28 now £18
Kracken rum, boxed, for £18
Tesco Finest salted caramel liqueur now £8
£10 off £50 spend with Tesco wine with possible £5 cashback


electricity meter 300x187 When that great deal on electricals is more like a dodgy dealIt’s almost Christmas. That means it’s almost time for the post-Christmas sales, where many people try and get that electrical bargain they’ve been mulling over. However, a new investigation by our chums at Which!!! reveals that, as a massive surprise to no-one, some of these ‘offers’ aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, and in some cases aren’t even offers.

Which!!! tracked the prices of electrical goods over the course of six months at Amazon, Argos, Currys and John Lewis. They found a number of ‘deals’ where the savings either didn’t exist or were much lower than claimed.

Some examples of non-deals include:

Argos maintained that the Nikon D3300 was on offer at a £200 saving even when it was only £10 cheaper than the previous month.  There was also a note saying it had previously been sold for a cheaper price.

Amazon’s ‘discounted’ price for a Philips iron was actually higher than the Philips RRP of £65. Which!!! couldn’t find any other retailer selling it for more than £65 either.

The Canon EOS 70D  has an RRP of £1239.99 according to Amazon, making their offer prices of £959.99 and £967.99 look pretty impressive. However, Canon’s own typical selling price of £959 means you would probably have ended up paying £8.99 more.

Which!!! asked the retailers for their comments. Amazon said: ‘We work with product manufacturers to provide our customers with a wide range of information about any given product, including RRPs. We aim to provide the very latest information.’

Currys said: ‘We are proudly transparent on our prices, which are 5-10% cheaper than most of our multi-channel competitors. We are the only retailer to always show customers when and for how long our ‘was’ prices applied, both online and in- store. We strictly observe government guidelines on pricing by giving customers clear information.’

John Lewis said: ‘It is never our intention to mislead our customers. We have very robust checking procedures in place for our offers. However, our processes do rely on manual input and it appears there was a human error. We have reviewed our processes and when we display information about the dates a product is at the higher price it will be in a more prominent position.’

Argos said: ‘We work hard to ensure that all of our offers are fully compliant with all regulations and guidance. For full transparency, we use explanatory text and reference intervening prices. We cannot comment on retail prices that the manufacturers have quoted due to competition law.’

So what can you do? Well caveat emptor rules, and make sure you do your research when contemplating one of these purchases, rather than taking the word of a business that has a vested interest in relieving you of your money. For Amazon products, you can always use a price tracking system like camelcamelcamel to see whether you are getting a genuinely good price, or set up a price alert to buy when the price falls.

Deals of the Day: Thursday 18th December 2014

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deals of the day 300x162 Deals of the Day: Thursday 18th December 2014Just thrown your mobile under a bus after reading a particularly irritating tweet about someone’s kale smoothie? Kicked your phone into the sea because you’re tired of spam texts about imaginary PPI claims? You’ll need a new handset.

Mercifully, we’ve spotted a good deal on a cracking little phone. You can get your hands on a Moto G for £129.95, which ain’t bad at all. If you buy one, try not to take your rage out on it though. Click here to see the deal.


Kindle F HDX 16gb for £99
Anker portable bluetooth speaker with supersized 4w driver for £19.99
Xbox One console with Forza 5, Minecraft, Destiny two controllers and £20 in vouchers for £349.99
PS4 with 4 games 500gb for £329.99
NowTV box with 3 months passes for £12.49
Stocking fillers: Xbox 360 and PS3 games from £1.49


Magners original cider – 6 bottles for £3.99
Merlyn Welsh cream liqueur 70cl for £10
20 cans of Carling for £10 with free Sky Sports week pass
All the best champagne deals, from £10 up
Strathisla 12-year-old malt whisky for £25


Deals of the Day: Wednesday 17th December 2014

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deals of the day 300x162 Deals of the Day: Wednesday 17th December 2014Now that you can get Sky Sports through NowTV, you might be thinking of getting it. If so, you will want to know about this deal we’ve spotted first, so you can get even more bang for your buck.

You can get Google’s excellent Chromecast device with 3-months NowTV and an additional £15 Google Play credit for a measly £30. Not bad eh? You’ll never have to leave the sofa again.


Xbox Live Gold 12 months for £24.65
New Super Mario Bros U for Wii U for £13.85
PS4 500gb console with Last of Us, Little Big Planet 3, Watch Dogs and Driveclub for £349.99
Free cinema for carers
Need a hard drive? All the best deals, rounded up, here
Duracell Plus – 8-pack for £3
Kindle WiFfi touch for £49


Fireball cinnamon whisky for £11
Ardmore single malt whisky 70cl 10-year-old for £20
Campo Viejo rioja for £4.49
Blue Moon American craft beer £3 for £5, except scanning through at £3.36!
Smirnoff lime vodka 70cl for £9.87
Gentleman Jack 70cl for £24


Deals of the Day: Tuesday 16th December 2014

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deals of the day 300x162 Deals of the Day: Tuesday 16th December 2014Christmas is uncomfortably close, so if you’re still shopping, we’ve got some ace deals for you! If you’re after consoles, Christmas booze, video games and more, we should have something for you. If not, you can always shoplift.

One great deal, if you’re shopping at Argos for a bunch of stuff, is an American Express offer where you get £25 statement credit for a £50 spend. Not bad eh? Get on that, sharpish!


Xbox One console with Halo Master Chief Collection, Alien Isolation, Murdered Soul Suspect, Wolfenstein, Call Of Duty Ghosts and Forza 5 for £349.99
PS4 with five games for £399
Kindle Fire HD 6 £79 with code
Xbox sale – Bioshock: Infinite for £2.99
Apple iPad Air 2 £310 with code
John Lewis – 104 Christmas items reduced clear, starting at 50p
PS4 with GTA V and Driveclub for £309.99
Sony soundbar for £80.25 delivered
Raspberry Pi B plus desktop (700mhz processor, 512mb ram, 4x usb) for £23.90


Tesco Finest rioja – 30 bottles for £90!
Gentleman Jack 70cl for £24
3 bottles of Tesco Finest premier cru champange for £31.77
Courvoisier VS cognac 1l for £26
Aberlour 10-year-old Speyside single malt whisky 70cl for £20
Green Mark vodka 70cl for £10


Deals of the Day: Monday 15th December 2014

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deals of the day 300x162 Deals of the Day: Monday 15th December 2014After a next-gen console for Christmas? Don’t want to fork out too much money and considering taking that dodgy bloke in the pub up on his offer who always has Spanish packets of Golden Virginia for sale? No need to buy hot goods when we’ve got legit bargains.

You can grab a PS4 console for a measly £269! This particular one is refurbed by the manufacturer, so it’s selling for much cheaper and will work like a dream! Get on that before the stock runs out!


iPod Nano for £99 and get £49.50 ClubCard vouchers, here
Huge sale on F&F clothing at Tesco. Have a look here.
Murdered: Soul Suspect for PS4 for £9.99
Xbox One console with 6 games, delivered for £349.99
Samsung 48″ curved full HD 3D TV for £799
T-Mobile SIM card with £5 top-up included for £1
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for £129
Canon Powershot sx510 12mp camera – was £279.99 now £199.99
Argos’ biggest toy sale, here!


Amazing alcohol megathread on HUKD.
Glenlivet 18 old 70cl (in blue presentation box) now £20
24 pack of Coca Cola cans for £5 (it’s a mixer, alright?)
Bottle of mulled wine for £2.50
25% off 4 bottles or more of wine and champagne
Laphroaig Select whisky 70cl for £28
Round-up of the best champagne deals here