Online takeaway service JUST-EAT have today issued an email letting their subscribers know that there is currently a scam email circulating purporting to be offering £10 takeaway credit when the recipient completes a quick survey.

To be fair, the emails do look pretty genuine until you get to the part asking you to confirm your personal credentials.

Screen Shot 2015 11 10 at 20.36.42 274x300 JUST EAT warn of scam email. They dont have a free tenner for you...

JUST-EAT have said:

Dear JUST EAT Customer,

The online security of our customers is really important to JUST EAT.

We will never ask you to enter your JUST EAT account details or any personal information via email. And we don’t store payment information or card details anywhere in our systems.

Some customers are receiving particularly sophisticated scam emails. These emails look like they come from JUST EAT and ask you to enter personal and JUST EAT account details.

Unfortunately, email scams are all too common on the internet. We encourage you to remain vigilant online, frequently change your passwords and make sure your passwords are robust.

If you have any questions you can contact JUST-EAT at

Mr. Happy Aldi & Lidl give the worlds best shopping experience

Aldi and Lidl continue to annoy Britain’s biggest supermarkets, as they’ve been named the world’s top brands for giving customers a good shopping experience. They’ve been praised for giving everyone a simple, clear, and hassle-free time of it when we’re collectively down the shops.

Aldi came top in the annual Global Brand Simplicity Index for the sixth year on the bounce, with Lidl coming third. Google came second, but they’re not a proper shop. Likewise, Netflix, who came in fourth spot.

“Brands that offer simpler customer experiences are rewarded with passionate customer loyalty, more innovative employees and greater revenue. In short, embracing simplicity improves the bottom line for brands and organisations,” said Howard Belk of Siegel & Gale, who conducted the poll.

Of course, Aldi has been topping a number of polls lately, surpassing Tesco for brand value earlier this year. Everyone else needs to up their game, clearly.

McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC also got in the top 10, while the bottom 10 was filled with banks and insurance companies. No surprise there. Ryanair, if you’re wondering, despite their attempts to be friendlier, still came third bottom. More needs to be done there, obviously.

Top 10 brands worldwide from Global Brand Simplicity Index:

1. Aldi
2. Google
3. Lidl
4. Netflix
5. McDonald’s
6. Burger King
7. Ikea
8. YouTube
9. eBay
10. KFC

black friday 2015 300x149 Amazon and Argos tell us what to expect from Black FridayBlack Friday is on the way, and there’s nothing you can do about it. You can literally do nothing about it, if you like. Anyway, Amazon and Argos have started dropping hints about what they’ll be doing, and there’s going to be a lot of deals indeed.

Amazon have said that they’re going to offer over 7,000 deals for Black Friday 2015, starting Monday November 23rd and finishing on Sunday November 29th.

As ever, there’ll be the usual ‘lightning deals’, where deals will appear for a limited time, and they’ll also have a ’deals of the day’ section, with items available at knock-down prices for 24 hours.

Christopher North, managing director of, said: “Customers love Black Friday. Every year we see more excitement and more demand for great deals. That is why we now have more than 20 times the number of deals than we had back in 2010 when we first introduced Black Friday to the UK.”

“Black Friday looks set to be the biggest sales day of the year. Last year we saw unprecedented demand for deals from the early hours of the morning through to the late hours of the night and we are confident that the trend will continue this year.”

This follows Argos announcing their Black Friday plans. They said that deals will be available every Friday between now and December 25th, as they hope to relieve some of the chaos of Black Friday itself. They’re probably relieving some of their own pressure, and won’t end up making loads of customers angry again, with their doddering IT systems.

Argos has said its Blue, White and Red Fridays will allow shoppers to spread out their shopping and budget over several weeks, and the deals are already underway, with offers on Call of Duty Black Ops 3, an LG 4K Ultra HD Freeview TVs, and offers on Beats Solo 2 On Ear Headphones.

David Robinson, managing director at Argos, said: “Customers just can’t wait to start their Christmas shopping and we want to reclaim Fridays for Brits and celebrate them every week between now and Christmas. Fridays have always been a special day in the minds of the British public, whether it represents fish ‘n’ chips, drinks down the pub or simply the start of the weekend.”

“We are, of course, gearing up for Black Friday like everyone else, but we don’t think getting a great deal should wait until then and this weekend we know our customers will love our famous ‘3 for 2’ toys event and amazing ‘feel-good’ deals.”

argos logo 300x230 Argos delete customers Christmas shopping after IT cock upWhile Argos are courting their free same-day delivery service, they’ve had an IT glitch that has ‘deleted’ thousands of customers’ shopping. Argos’ systems went down for most of the weekend, which meant payments went missing and deliveries were left unfulfilled.

As this is the time of the year when people are doing their Christmas shopping, this is a massive mess which will no doubt embarrass Argos, and infuriate shoppers. Some customers noted that bank payments had been made, but Argos staff said that orders had not been made.

Of course, Argos’ customer service phonelines were jammed, with people wanting know what was going on. When they couldn’t get through to Argos, they took it to social media to complain. Not a great way to start your same day delivery scheme, eh?

One lady wrote on Argos’ Facebook page: “They take my £180 then the site crashes and they have no record of my order, even though I have an authorisation code from my bank which proves you took the money. This is the worst customer service I have experienced in my life.”

An Argos spokesman said: “We are extremely sorry for the temporary service issues our customers were experiencing on our website this afternoon. We have identified and fixed the issue and our site is now up and running. We apologise to any customer who tried to contact us unsuccessfully and we are working to respond to all enquiries as soon as we can. We apologise if any customer experienced problems with a home delivery and will be in contact to resolve this.”

Mercifully, this isn’t a hack and is just a system error, but that will be little consolation to anyone who spent half the weekend stuck in phone queues, and have had money taken out of their account, but no products to show for it.

Steam mislead customers over sale

November 6th, 2015 No Comments By Mof Gimmers

steam logo 300x300 Steam mislead customers over saleThe Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) have has upheld a complaint that was made against video game vendors, Steam, over their summer Steam Sale which ran a promotion on Grand Theft Auto V.

So what’s the craic? Well, it concerns Steam advertising a 25% discount for GTA V, which saw £51.98 crossed out and replaced with £38.98. Now, that discount actually referred to a new bundle and not the standalone game, which is a bit naughty.

The normal version of GTA V actually sold for £39.99, which means you don’t make much of a saving at all.

“While we acknowledged that the claims had been duplicated, and were intended to relate only to a separate product bundle, we noted the two items appeared side-by-side, which we considered consumers were likely to understand to mean that both the game and the bundle were included in the sale,” the ASA stated.

“Because a 25 per cent saving was not available on the usual selling price of the product at the time the ad appeared, as claimed, we concluded that it was misleading.”

Bitterwallet diehards are pretty vigilant on these things, but always worth keeping an eye out for how much of a saving you’re actually making with sales like this.

People who aren’t into video games won’t understand the feverish excitement that comes with the release of a new game. Of course, not all games get the hype, but one that has had gamers salivating is Fall Out 4 Pip Boy.

And the reason people are excited, is because this special edition comes with a wearable Pip-Boy. That looks like this.

IMG 6129.0 500x333 GAME cock up everyones Fall Out 4: Pip Boy orders

You can wear it, and team it up with the special smartphone app and it is all very exciting and fancy.

GAME got the exclusivity rights for this much sought after thing, which is all well and good until you look at GAME’s Twitter feed today. Seems they’ve ballsed up EVERYONE’S orders.

CTH4K25UkAAe4f8 GAME cock up everyones Fall Out 4: Pip Boy orders

Not only with their social media managers be crying into their laps today, but the customer service phonelines will be jammed with angry gamers (and cross gamers at your peril).

Then, of course, there’s mystifying advice from GAME where they ask gamers to put another order in, like that doesn’t completely negate the reason for pre-ordering in the first place.

mz9fjRJ GAME cock up everyones Fall Out 4: Pip Boy orders

What a mess.

[img via twitter/ColinCGallacher and imgur/mz9fjRJ]

Credit Card Debt Collectors 300x200 FCA finds credit card market working well but wants extra protection for minimum repayment borrowersConsumer champions the FCA have been looking into the (fairly sizeable) UK credit card market to make sure it still provides a sterling service to consumers, and  last November it detailed exactly what it was going to do. The regulator has now published interim findings, and even come up with some helpful suggestions on how the market could be improved further.

The interim findings of the FCA’s credit card market study have, perhaps surprisingly, found that the industry is working ‘reasonably well’ for most consumers. However, the FCA still have concerns over the approximately two million people who are in arrears or have defaulted on their card payments and the 1.6 million who are repeatedly making just the minimum repayment each month- but they have actually come up with suggestions on how to help them, too.

The report’s interim findings, in line with its stated aims, came up with the following main issues:

Firms compete strongly for custom on some features, offer a range of products to meet consumers’ needs and there have been new entrants in the market in recent years- the FCA had been worried that barriers to entry may allow established providers to run roughshod over consumers.

Consumers shop around, switch and value the flexibility offered by credit cards, although the interim report does offer additional ways in which comparability on comparison sites could be improved.

Firms were not targeting particular groups of consumers to cross-subsidise other groups- the worry was that vulnerable (and therefore lucrative) customers were targeted in order to subsidise the less profitable borrowing habits of others

However, the interim report does focus on the fact that while consumers in default are unprofitable, meaning firms are active in contacting these consumers, those with persistent levels of debt or who make minimum payments are profitable for the provider, and firms do not routinely intervene to address this behaviour. The FCA wants more done on this, and on preventing ‘over-borrowing’, which often leads to defaulting behaviour.

Their specific recommendations on these points were, in relation to under-repayment, that firms could  disclose  in  each  monthly statement (i) how long it will take the consumer to repay the current balance and/or (ii) the saving in total cost from repaying more than the minimum and/or (iii) the repayment amount needed to pay off the balance within, say, one year. The idea is that being presented with the cold hard facts of your minimum repayment plan will spur you into action.

The FCA also suggest that card providers could offer different pre-set payment options for regular automated payments, for example, reflecting target time to repay. This would help consumers in choosing what is the right amount to pay and counteract the potential ‘anchoring’ effect of making the minimum repayment- i.e. that it’s a safe and easy amount to pay and that you don’t need to think about it any more than that. In fact, in some cases the FCA would rather see the term ‘minimum amount’ disappear altogether, by removing the minimum amount from the range of pre-set payment options but with a default setting to ensure that at least the minimum is repaid. This seems a better alternative than simply increasing the minimum repayment across the board, i.e. forcing consumers to pay a much higher amount than the rules currently require, which has been suggested to the FCA from some quarters.

To try and counteract over-borrowing, theFCA would like to see card companies providing timely information to remind consumers to consider how much they are borrowing as some consumers discovered they had spent more on their credit cards than they expected to when they took out their credit card.

Some credit card firms already provide proactive warnings to consumers using through text alerts, mobile applications, and/or email to remind them how much credit they have used at certain trigger points, e.g. half their credit limit and the FCA will look at these to see how effective they are before considering making them mandatory.

Another bugbear for many is the automatic and eternal inflation of credit limits. While firms currently have to let consumers opt-out of credit limit increases, the FCA is looking at whether forcing increases to be an opt-in Giving consumers more control during the lifetime of the credit card on variations, such as an opt-in would help prevent over-borrowing where the affordability of the monthly repayments may then trigger defaults or missed payments.

Christopher Woolard, director of strategy and competition at the FCA, said: ‘This is a really important market in the UK. Around 60% of adults have at least one credit card, and there is an estimated £61bn in outstanding balances.

‘Our study suggests that the market is working reasonably well for most consumers, with a range of cards on offer. However, for a significant minority who are in persistent levels of debt, the market could potentially work better.’

know your rights 300x300 Your consumer rights have changed, just in time for ChristmasAccording to the Citizens Advice, complaints about toys, gadgets and DVDs, all rocket around January, and to mark National Consumer Week, they’re urging people to find out about their rights, so they don’t end up having a load of admin to sort out after Christmas.

They’ve developed a ‘Know Your Rights’ guide, which explains the changes in consumer law that were brought into place in October.

If you don’t know, if you bought a defective product, or found something you’d purchased was poor quality, you can now return it within 30 days for a full refund. This applies to anything you’ve bought online, including downloads.

Here’s what you need to be familiar with.

WHEN DID YOU BUY IT?  The new rules only apply to things bought after 1st October 2015. Check the date on your receipt.

I WANT MY MONEY BACK! The law now says that you can get a full refund within 30 days of purchasing if the product is faulty or of poor quality. Shops might try to make you exchange the product or give you a credit note. You can flatly refuse if you want, and now ask for your money back.

THEY DIDN’T TELL ME THAT! If a salesperson doesn’t explain something to you, or doesn’t make something clear that would have affected your decision in buying a product, this changes your rights. If you feel that you weren’t told about cancellation fines, delivery charges or feel misled about return policies, then this could extend a right to cancel from 14 days and, in some cases, up to a year.

WHAT’S THIS SMALL PRINT ALL ABOUT? Likewise, if the small print is frying your brain, the law says that important terms and conditions must be made more prominent, and easier to understand.

HOW CAN I SORT THIS OUT WHEN THE RETAILER WON’T HELP? If a shop or company isn’t being helpful and your dispute is not getting sorted, it is now easier to get things fixed. No longer do you have to fork out money to take businesses to a small claims court, but rather, you can now go to Alternative Dispute Resolution, which will offer free alternatives. Have a look at that here.

I’M STILL STUCK! If you have a problem, you can contact the Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 03454 04 05 06. If you’d rather not talk on the phone, then get yourself over to

Of all the couriers, I prefer those that give you a 1 hour window in which your parcel will be delivered so you can at least make arrangements if you’re likely to be out.

Things go very wrong however if couriers feel its worth getting to you earlier than the allotted time and then blatantly lie if you aren’t in. Sneaky arrow xl. VERY sneaky indeed. Considering you were called back during the next delivery your attempt to save time completely backfired.

Screen Shot 2015 10 29 at 16.44.41 500x390 Sorry we missed you today in 9 minutes time. Sneaky arrow xl

TalkTalk 300x180 TalkTalk not really up for waiving fee if you want to leaveThe TalkTalk hack, and the dreadful way they have handled the situation, has seen a number of people looking at taking their business elsewhere – probably somewhere that’ll be a bit more vigilant when it comes to protecting customers’ personal information.

Well, those thinking of leaving before their contract is up and hoping there’ll be no fee, will be left wanting.

TalkTalk have said that they’re only going to waive termination fees if a customer has had money stolen from them as a result of the cyber attack.

“In the unlikely event that money is stolen from a customer’s bank account as a direct result of the cyber-attack [rather than as a result of any other information given out by a customer], then as a gesture of goodwill, on a case-by-case basis, we will waive termination fees,” say TalkTalk.

And there’s us, thinking that TalkTalk might actually want to compensate customers after this complete shambles. This is about as little as they could do.

On top of this, there’s going to be an investigation set up by MPs about the whole thing, and of course, a teenager from Northern Ireland has been arrested in connection with the hack.

Unsurprisingly, through all this, TalkTalk’s share price has taken a kicking this week, but its customers won’t care about that too much in the face of this.

Nando’s serve ‘extra cheese’ in a strange way

October 27th, 2015 1 Comment By Mof Gimmers

We all know that Nando’s is a load of pish, and that anyone who refers to it as ‘cheeky’ should be skinned in the street… but that doesn’t stop people from going their in their droves. One lady, called Katherine Engler, nipped in at the London Brent Park branch, and got herself a chicken wrap with extra cheese.

When it arrived, she felt the need to post a picture of her meal on the internet. Nowt unusual there, as everyone does that these days. Thing is with Katherine’s meal, is that she wasn’t showing it off because it looked amazing.

315589 408x500 Nandos serve extra cheese in a strange way

Her Facebook status read: “Nando’s Brent Park – Not quite what I had in mind when answering yes, after the server asked me if I wanted to add a slice of cheese to my Chicken Wrap….!”

While this is a slightly embarrassing oversight by the kitchen at this particular Nando’s, it isn’t nearly as troubling as someone who orders chips and has zero wet with them.

If that plate of food was a concert, you’d boo.

mobile apps What can you do about nuisance mobile calls and texts?Nuisance calls to mobiles are on the up, according to Which!!! and everyone who is receiving more bothersome calls.

One in 10 people surveyed by Which!!! said that they’d got more than 20 unwanted calls within the space of a month, with 72% of people saying that they think these calls are on the rise.

So what can you do if your phone is getting too many nuisance calls and texts? Well, for starters, you can register your mobile with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS), just like you can with a landline. Now, the system isn’t perfect, but if you’re feeling bothered by these calls, it is something you should do, as it will reduce the volume.

Which!!! have partnered with TPS, and you can register your mobile with the TPS for free by texting OPTOUT to 80057. From there, Which!!! will send details of what to do to stop nuisance calls. It is a free service.

The watchdog’s executive cheese, Richard Lloyd, said: “With the number of nuisance calls to mobile phones on the rise, it’s vital people register their phone if they want to help protect themselves from this everyday menace. The Government, regulators and business need to continue to work together to tackle nuisance calls, with further action to cut them off at source and make senior executives accountable if their company is caught flouting the rules.”

You can check out the TPS site by clicking here, and see what steps you can make yourself.

As for troublesome texts, the best thing to do is to delete them and ignore them. Don’t reply with ‘STOP’ or anything like that, as this is most likely to alert the scamsters that the number is active, and they’ll pester you even more. If you believe that you’ve been sent a number that is costing you money, then check to see if the number that sent you the message is a four, five or six-digit number. They’re the only ones that can make premium charges to your phone. If think this is the case, then contact your operator. You can also them to the regulator, PhonepayPlus

You can contact your customer service team at your phone operator by the usual numbers, or use one of these numbers:

Orange, O2, T-Mobile and Three: Forward the SMS to 7726

Vodafone: Forward the SMS to VSPAM (87726)

You can also report any numbers to the ICO, but be sure to make a note of the time and date you received the text, what the message said and the number it came from. Make your complaints here:

The Ministry of Justice has a Claims Regulations team, and they can be found here: You can email them at or by phone on 0845 450 6858 or 01283 233 309 (avoid using the 0845 number from your mobile as it’ll cost you).

Apple – they made a man rant

October 23rd, 2015 2 Comments By Mof Gimmers

Customer service can be a frustrating affair sometimes. Often, muttering under your breath will purge you of your anger… but sometimes, people need to maintain their fury and take it to the internet.

Now, as we know, most people aren’t very good at complaining on the internet, and are neither helpful or funny. We’re more concerned with the latter in this case, with a man who has so much impotent rage, that it all came spilling out of his guts after a trip to an Apple store.

Enjoy. Contains swearing. Lots of it.

apple rant Apple   they made a man rant

As you can see, this man was not impressed by his visit, and indeed, sounds like he’s kinda angry at Apple as a whole.

Still, nothing makes us glow quite like a miniature Falling Down moment, and this is a grade-A effort from a man who is still probably seething at something else now. Marvellous work.


Barclaycard Bespoke Offers Barclaycard Bespoke Offers and Beat My Price set to closeSurprisingly, Barclays have confirmed that they will be closing their “Bespoke Offers” service from Monday 26th October.

If you are not familiar with this service, it was pretty much a daily deals site but in amongst the tablet cases, charging cables and generic tech offers, they had some pretty impressive offerings including Tesco Grocery gift cards and Starbucks credit for half the price.

Also closing is their “Beat My Price” product which they use to undercut retailers and give you a better price on a particular product.

Why are they shutting this down? Well, no one is too sure yet. They did say:

“Following an internal review we have announced the closure of our Digital Marketplace business (incorporating our bespoke offers and Beat My price products).

“Our decision to close the businesses was taken after a detailed review of the financial performance to date and against their potential to deliver acceptable returns in the future.

“The business will cease to trade with effect from Monday 26 October. Any transactions that have occurred but not yet been fulfilled will of course be honoured.”

If you’ve got an existing order, that should be honoured and voucher expiry dates will proceed as stated. However, we expect more information to be made available between now and the end of Monday.

In this day and age a retail internet presence is a must- even Sainsbury’s Tu Clothing joined the rest of us earlier this year. But your ecommerce website is yet another storefront and another potential opportunity to annoy your customers if you don’t get it right. So Which!!! set out to discover which retailers were enhancing their offering with their online shopping experience, and which were totally useless. The results are unlikely to surprise.

Nevertheless, Which!!! surveyed 10,505 members of the UK public in July 2015 about their experiences of shopping online over the previous six months. Shoppers rated retailers on factors including price, deliveries, quality and ease of finding products. Retailers were given two ratings- one to reflect customers’ satisfaction with the product/ service on offer and the other gauging how likely customers are to recommend this product/service to someone else. From these two ratings the “Customer Score” is calculated.

whichtop 500x316 Which!!! reveals the best and worst online stores  according to customersWhile the expected customer service stars such as John Lewis and Amazon do appear in the top ten, the actual joint winners were white-goods retailer and beauty specialist with a score of 87%, with customers specifically praising their speed and efficiency.

As a surprise to no-one, telecoms firm EE came last with criticism for having a “hard to navigate” website and a lack of information and their customer score of just 58% tallies with EE’s performance on any customer service survey ever. Evans Cycles, Vodafone and Homebase joined EE in online retail remedial class.

The Which!!! survey also reiterated the fact that online shopping offers convenience, but also the opportunity to price check more easily- with price being the top factor cited when people decide which website to use, with nearly four in 10 people saying this is most important factor.

whichbottom 500x313 Which!!! reveals the best and worst online stores  according to customersWhich!!! Editor, Richard Headland said, ground breakingly:

“Online shopping is booming because it can be more convenient, better value and offers a greater choice of products. However there is a big difference between the brands at the top and the bottom of our table suggesting some sites need to be a lot more switched on to what their customers want.”